Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Not So Good

All of a sudden this day got incedibly stressfull. I already knew that I have quit a bit of class work to get done the next few weeks but it overflowed today.

In my block class we were told that we had to have our instructional units, which consists of 5 lesson plans (which take forever to make), turned in along with a powerpoint presentation on one of the lesson plans on November 2. Along with that we have a group project due the same day in which we teach the class. And of course this is all due the Tuesday after fall break--what absolute idiot thought that up?!?!?

Then I went to turn in my applications for student teaching and there was a line to talk to Mrs. Vessel. I had to be at work in 15 minutes but the applications are due by tomorrow so I waited. When I finally got in I found out I didn't have all of the applications--so I have to fill out another one and then turn them in tomorrow. AUGH!

Then I got to work and there was lots of stuff for me to do! ARGH!

From now until Fall Break I have to dedicate myself to writting lesson plans so I can enjoy my time in Corpus.

*I'm a little put out right now*

Thursday, October 07, 2004

It is Finished

My first official lesson is behind me...and there was much rejoicing. I would have to say that it went really well.

Last night I got a little frustrated at times at computers not working and the library not being open during church time (stupid Christian college--just kidding). I ended up working up at my mom's work most of the night. When I returned home at around 12:30, little did I know that a suprise was waiting for me...

I walked into the house and it was pitch dark. I assumed that Brooke and Robin had gone to bed--not that unusual. But then I stayed there in front of the door because I could see a strange red, blinking light coming from my room. As I stood there trying to decide what it was, a form came running and screaming at me from the living room and another from the hallway. Apparently Brooke and Robin had been really bored at home so they set up Robin's videocamera in my room and waited for me to return home. The video is hilarious--especially the part with Brooke and Robin waiting in the dark for me to come home.

I stayed up till 2:00 last night, having fun with the roommates and finishing my lesson plan. Needless to say I decided to skip my 8:00. At 9:30 I made my way to Grandy's were I got a lovely breakfast of pancakes and sausage and began to review my lesson. As I left Grandy's the rain began to pour. And of course the street I had to cross to get to AHS was flooded, and of course I was lugging around a video camera bag and a huge tripod, and of course I was in huge high-heels--sheesh.

I had an hour before my lesson (Mrs. Hamaty taught for 30 minutes, then the kids had lunch). I wasn't nervous at all--I was so thankful. All this week I had been praying for God to get me through this and he empowered me with strength and confidence. My lesson went very well--it went a little faster than I planned. I had overheads made and wrote information down so the students knew exactly what to use in their notes. I had a great mneumonic device to help them remember the 5 Pillars of Faith: Frosted Poptarts Are Fabulous Pastries
I was very proud of this invention--I even drew a poptart on the overhead ; ).

At the end of the lesson I had a worksheet for the students to fill out. So the rest of the time was spent on that. I really enjoyed teaching. It was a little scary at first but once I knew what I was doing I dove straight into it.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Those Who Can't, Teach!

Tuesday after my 8:00 class I ventured up to AHS to speak with my teacher about the lesson I would be teaching on Thursday. When she saw me she asked how long I could stay and I told her till about 10:40 (can't have anything stand in the way of chapel--sheesh). So she lead me in to the holy of holies of the high school--that's right the teacher's workroom! Sitting on the table was a half-eaten cake from McKay's which Mrs. Hamaty told me I could eat (and I did!). I got suckered into grading tests while we discussed what I would teach. At first she told me they had been studying ancient African civilizations. I'm sure my eyes resembled a deer in the headlights of a large truck because I have not had much experience with this area of history. Then she said they were also studying the world religions. Much better--I could handle that. So it was decided that I would teach a 45-50 minute (not the whole hour and a half--hallelujah) lesson on Islam. Thanks to my previous world history classes and Rodney Ashlock's Christianity in Culture class I'm somewhat up to speed on this subject.

Today at work I have been diligently looking up information on the subject and checking out other teacher's suggestions on how to teach this concept to high school students. I'm already getting a bit nervous--probably because I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to teach this.

I'm looking forward to 1:30 tomorrow afternoon--that's when it will be all over!

Stay tuned for a discussion on how well (or not-so-well) the lesson goes.

To be continued...

Monday, October 04, 2004

Sleepy Monday

It's overcast, rainy, and a little on the cool side. It's my favorite type of weather. Too bad I'm stuck at school/observation/work all day...grrr! I'd much rather get in some comfy sweat pants and sweat shirt, curl up in bed with a book, and read till I fall asleep. Oh and throw a cup of hot chocolate with marshmellows in there too.

Observation at Abilene High was rather enjoyable. I went to my favorite teacher's classroom for 3rd period. Mr. Moore had plenty of stuff for me to do. I got to grade and record student's papers into his grade book. I've never looked too intently at a grade book before. It's sort of tricky--all these little boxes all over! Mr. Moore has these little puppets from Mexico that he lets students take on trips as long as they bring pictures back of themselves and the puppet. Mr. Moore introduced me to the class by pointing out the picture of me in Disneyland which he still has on his wall--that was 6 years ago.

Next I went to Mr. Galloway's (Bradley P.) economics class. He remembered that I was in his class which suprised me. He was a good teacher he just never seemed to know any one's name. His class wasn't as enthrolling as Mr. Moore's but it was still fun to see an old teacher.

As I was walking in the student parking lot to my car, I saw someone wave to me as they got out of their car. I thought it might be someone from my Block class coming to observe, but they didn't look familiar. Then I recognized the mysterious man--Tyler Lawrence, an old high school friend I haven't seen in about 2 years. He is attending Hardin-Simmons and is observing for English. I was so excited to see him!

Overall, it was a good day of observation. 22 hours down...23 to go (Oy)