Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Birthday

So my first birthday away from home went very well. We had a birthday celebration first thing at work. My cake was so good. It's called Better Than Anything Cake. It is chocolate cake with caramel seaped inside with cool whip on top. It was a great breakfast :). And I love opening my email to find 6 ecards from my mom! I think it might be a little hard for her not to have me there. Apparently my mom ordered some flowers to be delivered to the museum but they never made it. She was a little upset by that.

Tonight at my knitting class at church all the ladies sang happy birthday to me (I think my friend Valerie set that up). I have never figured out what to do when people sing happy birthday to me--I always feel very awkward. After class Sarah, Valerie, Amanda, and I went out for birthday dessert at Marble Slab. I was excited because I had never been there. My double dark chocolate ice cream with cookie dough was very good. Saturday we are planning to go see The Lake House.

Overall, it was a very good birthday. I welcome with great expectation year 23 of my life!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Things I would like to learn (some are possible, some are just wishes):

* fencing

* fly a plane

* karate/personal defense

* sign language

* fluent spanish

* cooking

* sewing my own clothes

* knit hats/sweaters

* grow flowers

* gymnastics

* ice skating

* history (world,nation,state,church)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fragrance Phenomenon

Over a year ago I switched my perfume. I use to wear Vanilla Fields and Emily Vaughn always called it "the Erin smell". But I found my new favorite scent: Victoria Secret's Heavenly. I am amazed at how many people have commented on the new smell. One of the girls at church knows the smell right away and points out that I am wearing it. I've had a couple guys mention the aroma...I was happy to know I didn't stink but the comments didn't spark anything. A few weeks ago I bought some earrings at the Icing. While checking out, the girl helping me asked her co-worker if she was wearing Heavenly. I quickly spoke up, "nope, that's me". Then tonight I was getting a coke at the local convenient store when the lady behind me asked what perfume I wore. I feel like I should become the spokeswoman for Victoria Secret's perfume line--sheesh, I'm already giving them pro bono propaganda.

(Tonight I went and bought the chair that matches my couch! It will be delivered on Friday!)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Les Miserables!

Thursday was such a wonderful and amazing thrill! I got to Ft. Worth a little after 12:00 and met Marcus at Jo Anna's house. We then drove to Dallas, more specific Fair Park, to see Les Miserables. We found Fair Park easy enough, it was the Music Hall that was a little difficult. We still made it in plenty of time--we had at least an hour to spare. It's amazing to see the variety of clothing styles at an event like this. I have always thought one should dress more presentable for a theater event. Even though this one was in the afternoon, I still think Sunday attire is more kosher. Marcus and I were very excited to get dressed up in our Sunday best. But the majority of the audience was very casually dressed. Before we went into find our seats we did see a couple who were dressed very eligantly; we felt a close bond with them.

For years I have listened to my Complete Symphonic Recording of Les Miserables. I know every line by heart...I just have never seen it performed on stage. And it was so powerful to see the music come alive. So many times I had goosebumps from the impact of the songs. I truly could have watched this production 3 more times.

The best part of the trip occurred during intermission. Marcus and I decided to take a picture of ourselves in our seats. So we held out the camera and tried 3 different times to get a good shot. After the third try an usher came up to us and told us there is no photography in the theater (which they never said anything about it beforehand). Then he told Marcus to follow him! After a few minutes Marcus returned with a red ticket. He had to turn his camera in at the front desk and could retrieve it after the show. Something like that would only happen to us. So from now on I call that "the illegal picture".

After the show we ate dinner with Jo Anna and JB. It was wonderful to spend time with them--I haven't seen them in ages. Later Robin came over to Jo Anna's house after her softball game. Spending time with old college friends was a perfect end to my June vacation! I then began my trek back to College Station around 9:30 (I love driving at much better than morning driving).

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The End of the Vacation

Tonight my sister, Traci, is getting baptized at Highland. I'm so glad I get to be here for it!

Tomorrow I leave Abilene and head to Dallas to rendevous (spelling?) with Marcus. And then we will head off for a great theatrical experience at Les Miserables. (I'm so excited!)

Afterwards we will enjoy a meal with Jo Anna, Emily, and JB. Unfortunately Robin will be involved in a softball game, but I hope to see her afterwards.

Then it's back to old College Station!

Monday, June 19, 2006

People Continue to Amaze Me

I arrived in Abilene Saturday night (after riding through a horrible thunderstorm).

Last night my mom and I went to see The Davinci Code. We both have read the book and have been waiting to see the movie. While we were in line for our tickets I heard someone say "hi Erin". It was one of my kids from student teaching (one of my favorites--you're not suppose to have favorites but it's really hard not too). He was one of the few good kids in my horrible 4th period class.

So the crowds at the movie theater are pretty small on a Sunday night. My mom and I were ready for the movie to begin when a group of ladies walked in...with a 2 year old (or younger) little boy. Who brings a little kid to a movie like that and at 9:00 at night? Everything was fine untill the last hour or so of the movie when the little boy kept crying and wouldn't stop. The ladies would not take him out. Someone went to get the manager to talk to her. She started talking over normal levels saying she had paid money just like everyone else and they should leave her alone. She refused to leave the theater. So we sat through with the little boy crying off and on for 30 more minutes.

It amazes me that people have become so inconsiderate of others. It seems that the world has become very selfish. No one thinks anymore what is good for the others around me. The thought now is I have a freedom and I can push it as far as I want. Who cares about these people I don't know and will never see again.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Happy Birthday, Aidan Michael Smith!

Last night, while brushing my teeth, I received a call from Bret Sosobee which I thought was weird because he doesn't usually call me. He told me he was apart of the "phone tree". Right away I knew why he was calling--Phil and Jenna's baby was here! I started jumping around and screaming in the phone (sorry about that, Bret).

Welcome to the first baby of Sigma Pi Phi: Aidan Michael Smith! This little boy is going to have so many "aunts" and "uncles" as he grows up. I can't wait to meet this precious bundle of joy! Congratulations to mom and dad as well!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Wild Wedding Weekend

Well, I had a great and fast-paced time in Abilene this weekend. Mostly I was involved with things dealing with Kelly's wedding. Friday we had the lingerie shower and rehersal dinner. After the dinner the Abilene girls went out for some quality time. We tried to hangout as much as possible this weekend mainly because Anne was in town. (Anne is the only one of us who moved away for college--to New York).

The wedding was beautiful! Both the ceremony and reception were in the Windsor hotel. My "escort" to the wedding was good old Marcus...even though I was at the wedding 3 1/2 hours before him. I thought that he and I have grown out of our inability to sit next to each other in serious ceremonies...but I was wrong :). We stiffled (spelling?) laughter throughout the entire wedding--jokes about slidding into the wedding like Tom Cruise in Risky Business and odd shaking of a baby. I received many disapproving looks from Kristi Brokaw.

I was stationed to cut the grooms cake--the only way I would have it! Marcus and I were half way through the cake when we noticed Kristi and Trish's job on the brides cake. Each piece was perfectly cut and the top part of the cake was so lose crumbs anywhere! And then there was our cake...large chocolate masses on a plate and crumbs flying out of ever crook and crany!

So then the tossing of the bouquet came. Usually at weddings girls are fighting all over the place for those precious least at Sigma Pi Phi weddings that is the norm. But at this one the girls kept scooting back, trying to get as far away as possible. The flowers were thrown coming in direct line of me but since we were so far back I realized it was going to hit the floor. So I bit the bullet and walked up and caught it. (Third bouquet for me to that bad?)

After the wedding the Abilene girls went out to Abuelo's for more quality time but we were so worn out from the wedding that we had to cut it short. But there are talks and ideas in the making for a reunion this New Years.

Now I'm back in CS for about 5 days then it's back to Abilene for my vacation time!

June Display

About a week ago I finished my June display for the Discovery Room. It turned out nicely. Here are a couple of pictures:

This is the front section which discusses road travel in the 1830s and compares it to travel today.

The back section discusses travel by river in the 1830s and how we use the rivers today.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Tonight I attended the knitting class at church. It was so much fun! When I first got there I saw Valerie who I know from the AFC. The class is going to teach us to make blankets for an organization for young mothers who don't have much money. Tonight I got to be one of the teachers! I learned to knit scarves last year so I helped teach a group of ladies how to make slip knots and how to cast on. I am looking forward to getting to know more of the women in my church.

Tomorrow we are having an all day (9-4) teacher workshop at the museum--so I am going to be busy. My first job of the day is to pickup 5 dozen donut holes...not a bad job.

After the workshop I will be on my way to Abilene for 4 days. Yeah!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

They Grow Up So Fast...

My sister, Jennifer, got her first job! She is working at the McDonald's on Buffalo Gap road. When I talked to her on the phone she was so excited and I'm excited for her too. Her first day is Thursday and she will be working in the playground area, cleaning trash and cleaning the playground equipment at closing. Apparently the only way to clean the slide is by sliding down--sounds like a pretty fun job to me. So if any of you Abilenians get a McDonald's craving, Jennifer could hook you up!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Hidden World

I decided last week that I needed a new dress for Miss Kelly's upcoming wedding. It's pretty bad when you are wearing the same dress in everyone's wedding pictures. So last week I started the search which failed miserably. I personally hate shopping (I'm not a typical girl). So I ventured out to the Woodlands which is only a little over an hour from College Station. I immediately fell in love with this place. The major draw for me was the trees. Large, green trees are everywhere. You can't even see the building because of all the trees. You see a sign telling you what store is located deep within the forest and poof! You find a secret shopping haven! I think I will have to make many trips to this hidden paradise.

Off the subject: While in the Woodlands I ventured to try the new KFC mashed potato bowl for lunch. It is absolutely delicious...and healthy--you've got your vegtables (potato and corn), meat (chicken strips) and dairy (three cheese blend). At least that's what I'm telling myself :)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Summons and Interviews

Yesterday in the mail I found a jury summons. This was going to be my first time to serve jury duty. I've been called at least 3 times before but luckily at the time I was in college. Then I noticed the date of my summons: June 1st at 1:00 p.m. I received the summons on June 1st at 5:30 p.m. Then my eyes rolled to the name of the court: Abilene Municiple Court. That would be a little tricky since I am over 300 miles away.

We are having interviews for an additional desk worker on the weekend. I don't get to sit in on the interviews but I get to hear all about them afterwards. Today we had a retired teacher--actually she taught my bosses daughter. I was told she is the sweetest thing. A little while after the interview I got a call from the frontdesk asking me to come to the front. Out there was the lady from the interview asking me an interesting question: she wanted to know what she interviewed for! She had been confused by the ad because it mentioned our small gift shop so she thought it was the big gift shop. Once we got it figured out she couldn't stop laughing at herself. I really liked her and I hope she gets the job.