Thursday, December 21, 2006

He is Home!

Travis left last Friday morning with 4 other guys on a back packing trip in the Wachita (sp?) Mountain area in Oklahoma. It has been an interesting week for me. On Friday I came home and remembered he wasn't in town and truly was unsure what to do. The weekend went by fine; I had things to do. On Saturday night I had some people over to watch It's a Wonderful Life. On Sunday there was church, lunch with Sarah and Kendra, evening church and a fellowship meal. I passed the rest of the evening by watching March of the Penguins--such a cute movie!

Monday was much harder. I had plenty of Christmas related things to do but by 4:00 I was done for the day. So from 4:00 til my bedtime I just sat and watched t.v.--oy. Each day got harder and harder. Funny that my lesson to my kindergarten class Wednesday night was about patience--possibly a lesson I needed to hear as well. What was even hard was that I didn't get to talk to Travis on the phone. He called Friday night to let me know they got in but since then all I had to go on was a phone message he left me right before they left.

But this morning he called while I was getting ready for work to tell me they were about an hour away from home! They left earlier than expected. It was so good to hear his voice and to know he was safe.

So we will have tonight and tomorrow together and then I leave Saturday for Abilene for a week stay.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Special Project

Ok so I don't have the pictures yet but I will explain what occurred last Monday.

Over the course of our relationship Travis has thought up wonderful ways to surprise me and to show that he cares. I wanted to do the same thing. So for awhile I had been thinking about what I could do for him. I know that I wanted it to involve me sneaking into his apartment.

I decided that I wanted to list reasons why I liked him. But the dilema came up of how many to write. I wanted the number to have some type of meaning--so I decided to count how many days it had been since we first met. From June 30th to December 11th it was 165 days. I then began to write 165 reasons why I liked him. I wrote the reasons on 165 sticky notes (green, pink, and yellow).

I made plans with Travis' roommate, Tong, to borrow his keys and sneak into the apartment early Monday morning. I arrived at the apartment at 8:00 as Tong was leaving for work. I then set out to cover the wall above Travis' bed in a pattern of pink, yellow, and green sticky notes. It took me an hour and a half to cover that wall--and they covered the entire area of wall. I also brought him a small bunch of miniture roses, a picture frame with a picture of us, and a card explaining the sticky notes.

After finishing up I went back home to sleep for a little while. Travis called me at 11:00 to say he was leaving the hospital to go up to campus to talk to a teacher and then he would be at his apartment for lunch. I then waited for him to call again. After an hour of waiting I thought that he would never call but he did and was excited by my sneakiness. So far the sticky notes are still decorating his wall.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Celebrations Galore

This weekend was filled with so many fun Christmas activities. On Friday we had the Christmas Carnival at the Lincoln Center. The GAP class helped with the "Fill the Sleigh" game. The kids would come through bean bag animals through the holes of a piece of wood painted like a sleigh. I was part of the prize team. I tried to "sell" the prizes no one wanted. I sported a hat for quite awhile and blew up a balloon (which I blew up too far and it popped really loud). Travis and Aaron helped with the bowling game. We had a blast with all of the kids and I know they enjoyed it as well.

Saturday Travis came up to the museum and once we were closed we ventured down to the farm for the special Christmas celebration. When we first got there we got some hot cider to keep us warm in the cool night air. We toured Anson Jones home where a little band was playing music and visitors were singing along to the Christmas carols. Inside the house the fires were lit in the fireplaces and crafts were being made in the rooms. After touring the ox pen and the slave cabins we went to the chuck wagon. We received a bowl of rice and beans, some sausage and a biscuit. All of the food was made over an open fire. It was some very fine food.

After touring the farm Travis and I met his roommate Tong and his girlfriend Leigh at Central Park in College Station. The park has all kinds of Christmas lights to look at. And this weekend was open house so we could get free cookies and hot chocolate! We made sure to go by the huge Christmas tree made of lights. One of my co workers said the fun thing to do is look up and spin around. It made you incredibly dizzy but for some reason I couldn't stop doing it!

On Sunday we had our GAP class Christmas party at Sarah and Kim's. And what a feast we had! There was turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserol, chile soup, broccoli cheese soup, cranberry dressing, homemade rolls with homemade cinnamon butter, strawberry salad, broccoli salad. And for dessert we had tiramesu, pumpkin cake with orange glaze and fudge. It was an amazing meal! Because of all the food we each got to take a take home plate. So I was able to enjoy the meal again for lunch the next day!

My next post will be about my special project on Monday but I need to wait for the pictures...until then everyone must wait in suspense!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

A New Delight

I have a new favorite dessert--chocolate rum cake. We had it today for my boss's birthday. Just imagine sheer happiness wrapped in chocolate. Purrr.

My next few evenings are filled with all kinds of enjoyable and entertaining events:
* Tonight we have a going away part for Mandy--I'm so sad she is leaving!
* Tomorrow night we are helping out with the Christmas Carnival at the Lincoln Center (children from low income families)
* Saturday Travis is coming up to work so we can go to the special Christmas program at the farm
* Sunday Kim and Sarah are having a Christmas party for a few of us--I'm excited about a turkey dinner and a fun game at Wal-mart!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

P. U.

Rats! Once again I have fallen into the blog slump. If I get off of my blog rhythm it's very hard for me to get back on. But today something happened at work that was pretty fun. After giving a tour to a school group Judy and I were sitting at our desks when Virgie came in from up front telling us to look out the window quick. We looked and we saw it--a skunk scampering around outside the entrance of the museum. We called the maintenance people to get rid of it--pretty sure it had rabies. So Effie followed it from a safe distance to see where it went while Judy and I stayed way far away.

The prisoners who help out at the park came to get it out of the colvert where it was hiding. The plan was to throw a rock to scare it out and one of the guys would grab it by the tail (apparently skunks need to push off their back legs in order to spray). When the skunk came out the guy who was suppose to grab it went running in the other direction! So at this moment they are out in the park trying to find the skunk!