Thursday, January 06, 2005

Top of the Morning to Ya

Last night at Kirklands was very, very slow and boring. The one event that perked things up was that three women visiting from Ireland came and bought quite a few items. It was so much fun to hear them talk. I love to listen to different accents. It was also fun to watch them count out their American money, wondering which coin was a penny or a dime. Once they had finished paying for something they would walk away and in a few minutes return with something else they wanted. They were so adorable!

I think Robin comes home either today or tomorrow. I'm really excited--I miss my roommates alot. I've had fun living in the house by myself, but after a week and half of that I'm really longing for someone to talk with. So maybe when I get off from work tonight there will be a special Robin surprise waiting for me!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Where'd Ya Get that Shiner?

I found out that on Sunday night around 10:00 totally chaos struck my family's house. At this time the lights in the house flickered on and off until finally the whole house went dark. Then there were sparks in the backyard right next to the windows. Apparently one of the electrical lines ran through a tree and over time, the wire had rubbed against the bark until it severed. Needless to say my sisters were going frantic in the dark.

Along with the darkness my mom managed to injure herself. She was back in my old room, which she is converting into an office (shot through the heart). When the lights went out, she saw the sparks from the window and thought it was a fire. In her moment of fright she forgot that she had placed some large pieces of furniture in the hall. As she ran out of the room she tripped on my bench, causing her to hit her eye right on the corner of the wooden beast.

I went to my parent's house yesterday to check out the damage to my mom. She entered the house wearing her sunglasses. When she removed the glasses there it was...quite a nice shiner. Not only was it black all around, but there was also a small gash near the corner of her eye. I felt so sorry for her.

On another note, I saw an opossum in the road (alive) while I was driving last night. I get cheap thrills out of the most insignificant things.