Monday, July 30, 2007

The Dress

I know some of you will think this is crazy but I already have my wedding dress!

Once I got engaged I began looking online at all the dresses. I looked all over and saw one at David's Bridal that I really loved over all the other I had seen. My family came into town on Thursday for a little vacation time. So on Saturday we dropped my dad and sisters off at the Woodland's Mall while my mom and I went to David's bridal.

I didn't know how things worked there and that it is better to set up an appointment to try on a dress. But we were fine with waiting because we knew we hadn't followed the correct procedure. I tried the dress on and loved it! I went ahead and had the alterations done and go back to try it on at the end of October!

It's nice to have that major choice taken care to tackle the other 350!

The Proposal

Over the next 7 months I believe my blog will be turned into Stories/Updates from Wedding Central. Most of you who read my blog already know that on July 22nd Travis and I got engaged. This first post will discuss how it happened and my reactions.

From Thursday through Monday Travis and I were on our vacation weekend. We had planned to visit his grandmother in Dallas, his grandparents in San Angelo, and then my parents in Abilene. On Sunday, the day of the proposal, Travis had an upset stomach from the moment he woke up. He thought it was because of his allergies but he came to find out it was from nervousness--it ended right before he proposed.

When we got to Abilene we had dinner with a friend who attends A&M but lives in Lubbock. The story I was told was that she and her mom were in visiting her brother but I found out later that she was only here to help with the engagement. At one point during dinner Travis had to go back to the car to get his wallet. He took quite awhile but said he was putting his camera in a safer place. In actuality he was putting stuff in Kim's car.

After dinner we had planned to go up to ACU to take pictures of the Jacob's Ladder sculpture. After the pictures we went for a little walk around campus. When we were behind the Science building Travis' phone beeped saying he had a text message. He told me it was a telemarketer which I believed and didn't think anything else of it. It actually was Kim telling Travis she had everything ready. He then said he wanted to try to get some other pictures of the statue with the sun setting so he started to walk faster. Before going back to the statue he wanted to stop off at the ampitheater. As we got closer I noticed there were rose petals leading to the ampitheater. I said to Travis "I wonder why those are there." He said I don't know. It never entered my mind that it was for me--I thought the camp kids had done something out there.

When we reached the front of the ampitheater I knew what was coming. I saw a ring of rose petals and little bags filled with sand and tea lights. Travis got down on one knee and proposed. I hardly remember what I was saying during it--but he told me that I kept saying "oh my goodness" over and over...and then I said yes! It was kind of like one of those out of body experiences or that I can't believe this is happening to me moments. While we were hugging the campus police drove by, flipped his siren, and said congrats--not a planned event but a very nice touch. Kim and her mom came out of hiding, hugged and congratulated us and then took some wonderful pictures of us.

The reason I didn't expect this at all was because for the past few weeks Travis has mentioned that once he had the money he would be buying me a ring. So I thought it wouldn't be for awhile. The truth was that he had had a ring for over a month and a half. Also the last time we were in Abilene (about 3 weeks ago) he had asked my parents permission while I was taking a nap!

The wedding will be February 16th at our church in College Station. And I have already begun the crazy planning!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One Year

This past weekend was filled with a whole lot of fun--mainly girl time! On Friday Travis headed to Conroe to spend some time with his brother. So I hung out with some of the girls from our GAP class at church. The plan was to go to a place called Margarita Rocks for some free salsa dance lessons--who would pass that up? Beforehand we decided to watch some dance movies to get us in the mood. We watched some of Fame (a little slow so we stopped it) and Stomp the Yard (mainly just the cool dance segments). The lessons were very enjoyable. Since there were 4 of us girls we paired up--not really wanting the ackward random guy dance (also I promised Travis I wouldn't). After the lessons we sat back and watched the awesome couples and the women dancing on skinny stiletto heels. We did get asked twice to dance, once by a man who didn't speak english. My new plan is to take Travis there some Friday night and cut a rug!

On Sunday Travis and I celebrated our one year of dating! It is the weirdest feeling--it doesn't seem like it has been long enough to be a year and yet it feels like I have known Travis for much longer. This is the longest relationship I have ever been in and the most wonderful! We spent the day at the movie theater--something I have never done before. We first saw Harry Potter then went out and bought tickets for Transformers. Both were very enjoyable. And we finished it off with a nice dinner at Chili's. It was a wonderful day spent with a wonderful man!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Summer Catch Up

I use to be so good at this blog thing--everyday I would have a new post. Well, here is a quick update on things that have happened in the life of EC:

About two weekends ago Travis and I headed to Abilene to hang out with the gang, my family, and Robin! Travis was a real trooper that weekend. On Friday night he endured spending time at a house full of girls, jibber-jabbering about a lot of girl stuff. Saturday was filled with all kinds of wonderful enjoyments. We started off with a huge swim day. The hightlights included fantastic burgers, swimming pool baseball, and Travis, Stev, Mark, and Curtis doing crazy dives in the pool. That evening we had dinner at Los Arcos--a major Abilene favorite. We then played some fun Wii games and of course Catch Phrase at Hannah's. Sunday was more leisurly spent with the family. It included a home cooked lunch (haven't had that in awhile), birthday celebration, and a lovely Sunday nap. On Monday my sisters, Travis, and I ventured into the mini "flood" that hit Abilene to see the movie Ratatouille. And then after a few quick errands we were on our way back home.

Last Wednesday we had the big Fourth of July celebration at work. Everything went well. Thankfully it didn't rain too much that day so we were still able to have the fireworks. Travis came out after he finished work (we both have jobs that don't close on holidays). We had foot long corn dogs for supper and then picked up our free coke and blue bell ice cream! We didn't get back to College Station until 10:30--mainly because we helped pick up the chairs. I was very glad to have the next day off!

After this Saturday I will be off for 2 weeks! Travis and I have a trip planned for next weekend to meet his grandmother/Corp buddies in Dallas; then we will go to San Angelo to meet his other grandparents; then we will make a stop off in Abilene; and then head back to College Station.