Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Blog

Since Travis and I are moving to North Chicago, I have created a new blog to talk about our adventures together. Please visit our new blog at:

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Countdown Continues

As of today we are down to 2 weeks until we head up to Illinois. Early in the morning on July 30th (not sure how early yet) we will be driving the vehicles out, Travis in the Uhaul and me in the Toyota Matrix. We will first head to the Dallas area where we will pick up my parents and sisters. They will leave their car at the airport parking lot and then fly back the following Sunday. The plan is to make it to Springfield, MO the first night (about 700 miles) and then on to North Chicago the next day (about 500 miles).

We have packed quite a bit. On Monday we got almost the entire kitchen finished. In looking at everything, I realize we really don't have all that much to pack. It's coming down to deciding what do we need for the next two weeks and what can we go ahead and pack.

Last week the museum hired someone for my job. She will start next Wednesday, so I will have 4 days to help train her. My last day of work will be next Saturday. It's really weird to think of leaving the museum. I don't think it has fully hit me yet. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there--I can't believe I have been there almost 3 years.

Along with packing we are busy spending time with friends and church member before we go. We have already been invited over for dinner by two couples in our church and I'm sure there will be others we need to see before we leave.

I am still looking for a job. I have submitted some more applications and am waiting to hear back. I'm sure once we get up there it will be a bit easier to locate something.

Friday, July 04, 2008


The packing for North Chicago has begun. On Wednesday we went to Shoe Carnival, where Travis' brother works, and picked up a few boxes to start with. Thursday I put in a half day at work and then went home to start organizing/packing. The only good thing about packing is that it makes you analyze your possessions and decide if you really want to cart these things with you on a 1200 mile trip.

We've started in the guest/office room, mainly with all of our books and other little knick knacks. A friend of mine who has made the move from up north to down south told me about certain types of boxes that make packing a lot easier. The first is a wardrobe box. It looks like a miniature closet in a cardboard box. It's made so that you leave your clothes on the hanger and stuff as many as possible on the rod in this box. Then the bottom area of the box is available for anything else you want to stuff inside. Another item I think I want to get is a special dish box. We just got all of these wonderful dishes for our wedding and I would hate if they broke during the trip.

Packing for me has been put on a stand still for a few days because of work. Unlike other people, Travis and I do not get July 4th off. The hospital is open that day and the museum/park has a big celebration. We probably will not get back home tonight until 10:00/11:00ish. And then I go back to work the next day! It's a lot of fun but a little tiring.

Monday, June 30, 2008

First Birthday as a Bodeker

Saturday was my 25th birthday. I did have to go to work on that day but I made the best out of it--besides I have plenty of things I need to get finished before my last day (July 26).

Throughout the week Travis kept playing little games on me, pretending he didn't remember which day my birthday was on or asking what we were doing this week. When I arrived home from work he was not in the living room. I figure he was at the computer in the guest room. So I went to put my purse down by the kitchen table, and then I saw on the table the most beautiful, homemade chocolate cake with candles! I let out a big "awe" and went to see him in the guest room. He told me it was the first cake he had ever baked and he hoped it turned out good. From the looks of it I knew it would be fantastic. If we didn't do anything else to celebrate my birthday I would have been content. The gesture of that cake was more than enough!

Travis had asked me earlier in the week what I would like for my birthday. I mentioned that I would like to have my favorite movie Life is Beautiful on dvd. I have it on VHS but don't watch it anymore. Next to my cake were two books on cd which we had talked about getting for our long trip up to Illinois. Travis told me he was unable to find the movie. I told him that was fine and I was happy to have the books.

Travis told me I had some time to unwind before we headed out to dinner. We have started a new tradition where we will go to Outback and choose two appetizers to split along with a fun drink. I love their bacon cheese unhealthy but so good! While at dinner Travis pulled something out of his wallet and placed it on the table. It was tickets to the 8:00 showing of Wall E!! He knows me so well--I love my Disney movies. I highly recommend this movie. It was hilarious.

When the movie was over we headed back to the apartment to have birthday cake. Travis asked me to pick out a DVD for us to watch for a little bit while we ate cake. I went over to the DVD stand and started at the bottom perusing the selection. When I got to the top shelf I let out a scream...there was my Life is Beautiful DVD!! Travis always knows how to surprise me--and I love it!

Another surprise that we both got came with the cake. Travis lit the candles and then I blew them out. A few seconds later the candles started to relight! Travis had no idea he had put trick candles on the cake. I think it just added to the evening.

All in all I had a wonderful 25th birthday!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Special Dinner

About a month ago a couple of sweet friends sent Travis and I a wonderful wedding present. It was some money to spend on a fancy meal. Lately we have been so busy that we haven't had a chance to use it but this past Thursday we went out on the town. I had heard from my bosses about this new place in town called The Republic Steakhouse. Travis called ahead of time to find out about the dress code and to make reservations. We dressed in our Sunday best (not too fancy) and head out at 7:30. From the outside it didn't look too different from any other place. It was on the back end of a shopping center. When you walked inside you were taken back by the remarkable ambiance. I felt like I was at a restaurant in New York.

We had a wonderful waiter who explained everything to us and also suggested we split an entree. We had a 4 course meal! I don't think I've ever done that before. The portions were a good size and we ate slow to enjoy every moment. Travis had a tomato salad--it was only tomatoes, 4 or 5 different types. The tomatoes were home grown by the chef so they were salmonella free. We shared an appetizer of fried calamari which was absolutely delicious. I even ate the parts with the tentacles! We shared a 14 oz. New York strip, some amazing potatoes, and some perfectly cooked asparagus. The waiter brought out 5 different sauces for the meat. We both chose our favorite. We ended with an amazing dessert--fresh made strawberry peach sorbet and a part key lime pie, part cheesecake brulee. It was one of the best desserts I have ever had!

We had such a wonderful time eating and talking that we didn't get home that night until 9:30. We went a little over our present but it was highly worth it. To end the night we played a rousing game of Life. All in all it was a marvelous and memorable evening.

Trip to Abilene

I promise once we move to Chicago I will be much better at keeping this updated. It seems like lately I haven't had much to write about. A few weekends ago we took a trip down to Abilene for my sisters' graduation. I hadn't been home since Christmas, so it was fun to see what all had changed. Going to the graduation at the Expo Center brought back so many memories of when I graduated 7 years ago! Good grief--has it been that long? There were quite a few of the graduates I knew from the youth group at church, some of who I hadn't seen in years. It was a little weird seeing them all grown up.

It happened to work out that the same weekend of the graduation Christy was having her bridal shower. I was happy I was able to go since I'm highly certain I will not make it to the reception. We also had dinner (at Taco Bueno--oh how I've missed it) with my college gang. The group is getting smaller and smaller as people are moving away to other areas of the state or further away to Illinois and even New York. And I also got to see (and hold) Hannah's twins. They are so precious and tiny. Don't worry it has not awakened the mommy bug in me--that is a ways down the road...hopefully. Travis and I also got to see my dad's new place of work. He seems very happy and excited about this place which I am glad about. My mom just recently got a new job as well and she is much happier too. Everything seems to be falling into place. We also worked out the moving plan. My parents are going to help us drive the moving van and our car to North Chicago and then fly back. It's going to be a very long trip. I don't know if I have been in a car for that long of a time period.

I'm still in the process of looking for a job. So far no one has called me back which is a little disheartening. It would be wonderful if I could have a job already lined up before we get there. But perhaps it will be easier to look once we are all set up.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Kids Say...

Our tours have picked up quite a bit in the past few months, what with school almost being out. It is always a treat to hear what the kids will say or ask. Here are a few fun kid sayings from the past few weeks:

* 4th grader after seeing the picture of Chuck Norris, "Miss, you have a picture of that guy...what's his name...Bob Norris?"

* 4th grader passing the large statue of Sam Houston, "That's Sam Houston, isn't it? He's the one who is on the penny."

* 3rd grader looking at our animal display, "Look it's a Run Roader."

* 3rd grader after I told them how clothes were made, "When you were a little girl did you have to make clothes from cotton?"

* "This place (the museum) is like a history book and we jumped inside it."

* 4th grader looking at our video of faces: "Is that Susanna Dickinson? It sure sounds like her."

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, since my last blog quite a bit has changed. Travis' interview went really well and he was accepted to the Dr. Scholl's School of Podiatry in North Chicago, Il. Since that moment we have been making plans about the next few months.

Travis' school starts August 18th, however he also has an orientation starting on August 12th. So our plan is to be up there with a week and a half to get situated before his life gets really crazy. We have set the moving day for July 29th. I have already submitted my letter of resignation to work and my job is already posted. It is hard to leave this wonderful job and these wonderful people but I am super excited about the adventure ahead of us.

We believe we have found an apartment. It is less than half a mile from his school which is very good. The price is pretty reasonable for up there. If we can, we are going to try to sign the lease without making a trip up to Chicago. We will see.

I have already put my application into 4 jobs and am still looking for others. The places I have applied so far include:

* A Children's Museum for the position of Educator

* A Science and Industry Museum for an educational position

* A small college for the position of Academic Advisor

* A publishing company for the position of Assistant Editor for Social Studies

Now I will have to wait to see if any of these come through. Everyday I am searching for other open opportunities. It kind of is a lot of pressure knowing you will be the provider for a few years.