Friday, July 04, 2008


The packing for North Chicago has begun. On Wednesday we went to Shoe Carnival, where Travis' brother works, and picked up a few boxes to start with. Thursday I put in a half day at work and then went home to start organizing/packing. The only good thing about packing is that it makes you analyze your possessions and decide if you really want to cart these things with you on a 1200 mile trip.

We've started in the guest/office room, mainly with all of our books and other little knick knacks. A friend of mine who has made the move from up north to down south told me about certain types of boxes that make packing a lot easier. The first is a wardrobe box. It looks like a miniature closet in a cardboard box. It's made so that you leave your clothes on the hanger and stuff as many as possible on the rod in this box. Then the bottom area of the box is available for anything else you want to stuff inside. Another item I think I want to get is a special dish box. We just got all of these wonderful dishes for our wedding and I would hate if they broke during the trip.

Packing for me has been put on a stand still for a few days because of work. Unlike other people, Travis and I do not get July 4th off. The hospital is open that day and the museum/park has a big celebration. We probably will not get back home tonight until 10:00/11:00ish. And then I go back to work the next day! It's a lot of fun but a little tiring.

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