Monday, June 30, 2008

First Birthday as a Bodeker

Saturday was my 25th birthday. I did have to go to work on that day but I made the best out of it--besides I have plenty of things I need to get finished before my last day (July 26).

Throughout the week Travis kept playing little games on me, pretending he didn't remember which day my birthday was on or asking what we were doing this week. When I arrived home from work he was not in the living room. I figure he was at the computer in the guest room. So I went to put my purse down by the kitchen table, and then I saw on the table the most beautiful, homemade chocolate cake with candles! I let out a big "awe" and went to see him in the guest room. He told me it was the first cake he had ever baked and he hoped it turned out good. From the looks of it I knew it would be fantastic. If we didn't do anything else to celebrate my birthday I would have been content. The gesture of that cake was more than enough!

Travis had asked me earlier in the week what I would like for my birthday. I mentioned that I would like to have my favorite movie Life is Beautiful on dvd. I have it on VHS but don't watch it anymore. Next to my cake were two books on cd which we had talked about getting for our long trip up to Illinois. Travis told me he was unable to find the movie. I told him that was fine and I was happy to have the books.

Travis told me I had some time to unwind before we headed out to dinner. We have started a new tradition where we will go to Outback and choose two appetizers to split along with a fun drink. I love their bacon cheese unhealthy but so good! While at dinner Travis pulled something out of his wallet and placed it on the table. It was tickets to the 8:00 showing of Wall E!! He knows me so well--I love my Disney movies. I highly recommend this movie. It was hilarious.

When the movie was over we headed back to the apartment to have birthday cake. Travis asked me to pick out a DVD for us to watch for a little bit while we ate cake. I went over to the DVD stand and started at the bottom perusing the selection. When I got to the top shelf I let out a scream...there was my Life is Beautiful DVD!! Travis always knows how to surprise me--and I love it!

Another surprise that we both got came with the cake. Travis lit the candles and then I blew them out. A few seconds later the candles started to relight! Travis had no idea he had put trick candles on the cake. I think it just added to the evening.

All in all I had a wonderful 25th birthday!


Mel said...

Good job Travis!!!

Hannah said...

what a sweetie!