Sunday, December 30, 2007


Christmas went really well. I had one evening of stress when wedding stuff, Christmas shopping and packing to go to Abilene all crashed together. But I got through it with the help of Travis telling me to breathe. I had a wonderful time with my family and my extended family. I got to see my aunt, uncle and all of my cousins. This hasn't happened in a long time. I also got to see my cousin's 1 month old baby!

Tomorrow night (New Year's Eve) Travis and I are celebrating our Christmas. Because Travis had to be back to work the day after Christmas, we spent the holiday apart--he in Dallas and I in Abilene. Since we have the wedding coming up we decide instead of gifts we would have a nice date night where one person would pay for the dinner and the other for the movie.

I am off of work this week and it will be spent packing up the apartment. On Saturday my stuff will be moved into the apartment that Travis and I will live in. My apartment complex offered us a brand new, never been lived in apartment at a very resonable rent. We decided to move my stuff before things got too hectic with the wedding. Have I mentioned that I hate moving? I try my hardest to move as few times as possible. So it should be a very "fun" week!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas...I have other things on my mind!

The momentous Thanksgiving went very, very well! The Crawford clan arrived at Travis' house around 1:30 to meet the Bodeker clan. Between the time of arrival to the time of dinner (around 6:00) we casually cooked the different parts of the meal and conversed with one another. Everyone hit it off! At dinner time we had 11 people seated around the table--Travis' roommate joined us since he had to work that day. Everything tasted wonderful and of course everyone was pleasantly filled.

A big part of my wishes that this year we could skip Christmas. I truly love Christmas--it is one of my favorite times of the year. However, I already have a pretty big event that is taking a lot of my time...and also some stress. I decided to forgo putting up any of my Christmas decorations. I will be moving into a new apartment right after Christmas so I don't feel like having extra items to pack up. I tend to put Christmas shopping off until close to the last minute and then I also want to try and get the perfect gifts for everyone. I would love to not mess with all of that this year.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Momentous Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Personally, it is very hard for me to believe it is Thanksgiving tomorrow. Something just doesn't seem right. I think a big part of it is the weather. I don't think it is suppose to be 80 degrees on the days leading up to turkey day. Also I have been so busy lately that I haven't been keeping track of the days.

This is a very special and important Thanksgiving. We are celebrating in College Station mainly because Travis has to work on thanksgiving day (the hospital doesn't close). But even more importantly this is the first time for our families to meet! My parents, sisters, and grandmother are coming down from Abilene and his parents are coming from Lufkin. We thought it might be good for them to meet before the wedding takes place :)

The meal will take place at Travis' house and we are hoping to borrow a table from church that will seat all 10 of us plus the glorious food!

I am really excited to have everyone together--it should be a very fun and eventful holiday!

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Here's what has been going on since my last post (ages ago--sorry):

* Last Monday I picked up my wedding dress--it is now in my closet and I look at it constantly.

* We have gone to 4 weeks of marriage prep class and we love it! We are learning so many wonderful ways to make a marriage last and grow.

* This next Sunday we have our first shower in Abilene--super exciting!

* The project for this month is ordering the invitations--whoo hoo!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Here We Go

And once again I have slacked off on the blog updating. Things are getting a little busier around here so it has been harder to keep up with even posting on a weekly basis. Wedding plans are going well--I'm not getting stressed out...yet. I am however realizing that my time is slowly but steadily becoming less and less. And once the holidays roll around time is going to start whizzing by. Travis and I remain productive by trying to make lists of things to do each week. Since my last post we have: bought our wedding bands (and placed them in a safety deposit box til the wedding), registered at Sear for tools, started Marriage Prep class at our church, begun buying decoration items, scheduled two good friends to play in the ceremony, and made plans for a shower in Abilene.

Also our engagement announcement should be in the Abilene paper this Sunday. So all you Abilenians reading this should be on the lookout for that!

Along with wedding plans work has become extremely busy. This past week my boss and I gave presentations to the Texas History classes at Blinn College. This is the one program I fret most about because the audience is anywhere from 2-6 years younger than me. It's a little more nerve racking than speaking to kids. Of course being out of the office for two days I had massive amounts of work waiting for me. I practically was on the phone all day Thursday booking tours and scheduling families for our Home School Day program. Whew! At least it made the days go by quickly.

So as the months progress I am trying to balance work, wedding planning, and social events. I definately am not bored!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Abilene Girls

This weekend the Abilene girls (minus Anne) came down to College Station to hang out. We haven't all been together since Christmas so a get together was long over due. I got my boss to switch days with me so that I could hang out all day Saturday. Our time was mainly spent sitting around talking and catching up. Although we did enjoy some yummy food at Bennigins, Abuelos, and La Bodega (a local place I enjoy).

We also spent quality time playing the game Imagine If, watching Connie and Carla, and visiting some enjoyable stores. And at one of these said stores we found a little novelty that made the weekend unforgetable. At World Market Christy and I found this very odd cat figurine that was horrifying, amusing, and lovable all at the same time. We took some great pictues with Scary Cat. And I have decided to go back and buy him today after work and use him as my wedding mascot. I want to take him to showers (even if he is in concealment most of the time) and have someone take random pictures of him at the reception. Everytime I look at the picture of this cat I bust out laughing!

And here he is:

Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Swatch...Is That Too Much To Ask?

For the past week and a half I have had the worst time trying to get a swatch from the place I am ordering bridesmaid dresses from. The color of the dresses is Indigo so it's not a normal color that can easily be matched. My main problem was that I kept talking to employees who didn't know all of the stores policies.

The first time I called and asked for a swatch the girl told me they only give out swatches for in-store use. What? Why would I need a swatch when I can look at the color right there in the store? So the next time I called I asked for the manager. She told me once one of my bridesmaids had ordered a dress I could get a swatch. So once I knew a bridesmaid had ordered a dress I called once more. I made sure to say "may I speak to someone about ordering a swatch" so that I wouldn't get the same girl I had before. Well, this girl told me right away "oh we don't do that". Usually I am a very nice, pleasant person on the phone but I decided it was time to get gruff. I told her that I spoke with the manager and they do give out swatches. She then told me to hold. When she came back on she asked me what color I needed. I told her the color and she immediately asked me to repeate it. She put me on hold for a bit and then came back and asked me to spell the color! I was amazed. And then to top it off she said "and you need that little piece of fabric, right?" I don't think she even knew what a swatch was! So after all of that I found out they can't mail it out to me. I will have to go to Houston some day next week.

I had decided if it came down to it I was either going to sneak my camera into the store and take a picture of a dress in the same color or Plan B--sneak in a pair of scissors and nonchalantly snip off an unnoticably piece of the dress.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Horrible Day!

Yesterday started and ended with things going wrong. For the past couple of nights I have had a hard time falling asleep--I toss and turn for at least 30 minutes. Well, I think it caught up with me yesterday morning. I usually snooze for 30 minutes, using my cell phone as my alarm. At one point I woke up and thought to myself, "It looks a little brighter in my room than normal." I looked at my phone and realized I sleeped 30 minutes longer than I should have. So then I went into crazy rush mode. Some how I got ready and was out the door at my normal time--I must have cut something out of my routine.

Everything went fine at work. I scheduled quite a few tours, talked with my co-workers, etc. No problems. Then it was time to go home. I was on the phone with my mom as I left Navasota and merged onto Highway 6. It was then that I felt the sluggishness of my car--I had a flat! So I quickly pulled over and got out to assess the damage. Of course it had to be the tire closest to the busy highway. I probably could have changed it myself but I was in a skirt and high heels and I was really afraid of getting hit by the whizzing cars. So I called Travis to help me--of course it was going to take him about 20 minutes to get out there. About 5 minutes after calling him a wonderful, nice man stopped and put my spare on for me. I was so grateful!

So I made my way back to College Station and planned to go to Wal-Mart to get the tire patched up. When I arrived the mechanic told me that they close at 7:00 but stop taking customers at 6:00--the guy in front of me was their last customer. I was so distrot. And nothing else was open. So I was going to have to wake up early and bring my car in at 7:00 the next morning. Grrr!

After all of that I was ready to get back to my apartment to cool of and relax. I got pretty nasty standing outside in the humid air. As I walk into the apartment I notice it's a little warm. The air conditioner was blowing but the thermometer read 80 degrees. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. I just started to cry--and it really made me feel better.

This morning I got the tire fixed and I have a call into my apartment to fix the air conditioner. Let's hope that this day is filled with less surprises.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Dreams Begin...

I remember back when I lived in RELM, my roommate Lauren began having dreams about her wedding a month or so before the big day. And not the best of dreams--dreams in which something went wrong. Well, Sunday night I had my first wedding dreams. I had two dreams that were very similar in that they both had to do with not being ready for the wedding. In one it was the day before the wedding and I was trying to get everything planned that day. In the other it was the day of the wedding and I was frantically calling to get flowers. I hadn't decided how the ceremony would go either. It was a huge mess!

My hope is that these dreams don't continue...they make me a little nervous.

Point and Shoot

This past Sunday Travis and I started the registration mania! We were so excited. Of course we really didn't think about the day we picked--Tax Free Weekend in College Station with new freshman getting settled in the dorms. Actually it wasn't bad at all--I guess the majority of them did their shopping on Saturday.

We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to begin. We filled out all of our information and then picked out our dinnerware and flatware. We then were given the gun or I should say Travis was given the gun. He was so excited about it and I let him do all of the shooting. At one point he said "look at this"--He had the gun in his short's pocket and whipped it out in the true old western gun showdown style.

It was so fun to go around deciding what things we would want...and to know people would get them for us! We still have to register at Target and probably make another trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to finish and possibly change some choices.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Photos and Dresses

Robin came down this weekend to take our engagement pictures--quite exciting! Sunday after church and lunch we ventured out to 4 different spots for our well-posed pictures. I let Travis pick out the spots since he has been in College Station longer and I had no clue where to go. Of course all of our sights were outside and it was one of the hottest days we have had in awhile. I brought a towel along to dab the sweat inbetween pictures. We started off taking pictures at the Adminstration building on A&M campus. The front of this building has these huge white pillars. We then took some shots at the arches which have to do with the Corps--Travis really wanted to get some pictures there. The next place was the Century Tree which is this very old tree on campus. The branches have become so large that they droop to the ground. I love this tree and was really glad we used it for our pictures. The last place we went was the George Bush Museum. Behind the museum there is a pond--we took pictures on the bridge and under the trelaces. We also got a fun picture of Travis pretending to throw me in the pond. I'm really excited to see how the pictures turned out!

On Monday I traveled to the Houston area to check out some bridesmaid dresses. I have been looking online at all kinds of dresses and the only place I really liked was Alfred Angelo. I picked a really cute tea length dress in the color Indigo (darker blue). Now I have to tell my bridesmaids about it and figure out how to get the dresses ordered.

Sick of Being Sick

Well, I am back at work after being out for a whole week due to illness. Two Saturdays ago (Aug. 4) I felt really funny at work. When I got home I just layed on the couch all evening feeling yucky. I had a horrible cough and drainage and Travis was pretty sure I had a fever. I decided to rest for Sunday and Monday, hoping the sickness would be gone by my Tuesday work day. But it didnt work. I still felt horrible and had a fever. On Sunday night I woke up twice during the night and dry heaved--not a fun experience.

On Tuesday Travis took me to the doctor. The doctor couldn't find any signs of sinus problems. When he listened to my chest he found the problem--I had bronchial pneumonia! So I was given an expensive medication and an expensive cough medicine (that tastes horrible). I was stuck on the couch for the rest of the week.

I think my body was trying to tell me that I have been trying to do too much too quickly for the wedding. For only being engaged 3 weeks I have quite a bit done. I'm just trying my hardest to have it all done so I'm not stressed right before the wedding.

So far I have:

* A date picked
* A place for the wedding/reception/rehersal dinner
* The officiant picked
* Attendents picked
* Colors and theme picked
* My dress purchased
* Photographer lined up
* Wedding cake person picked out
* Honeymoon spots narrowed down
* Engagement pictures taken
* Bridesmaid dresses picked out

I think I'm doing ok--since I have 6 months till the wedding.

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Dress

I know some of you will think this is crazy but I already have my wedding dress!

Once I got engaged I began looking online at all the dresses. I looked all over and saw one at David's Bridal that I really loved over all the other I had seen. My family came into town on Thursday for a little vacation time. So on Saturday we dropped my dad and sisters off at the Woodland's Mall while my mom and I went to David's bridal.

I didn't know how things worked there and that it is better to set up an appointment to try on a dress. But we were fine with waiting because we knew we hadn't followed the correct procedure. I tried the dress on and loved it! I went ahead and had the alterations done and go back to try it on at the end of October!

It's nice to have that major choice taken care to tackle the other 350!

The Proposal

Over the next 7 months I believe my blog will be turned into Stories/Updates from Wedding Central. Most of you who read my blog already know that on July 22nd Travis and I got engaged. This first post will discuss how it happened and my reactions.

From Thursday through Monday Travis and I were on our vacation weekend. We had planned to visit his grandmother in Dallas, his grandparents in San Angelo, and then my parents in Abilene. On Sunday, the day of the proposal, Travis had an upset stomach from the moment he woke up. He thought it was because of his allergies but he came to find out it was from nervousness--it ended right before he proposed.

When we got to Abilene we had dinner with a friend who attends A&M but lives in Lubbock. The story I was told was that she and her mom were in visiting her brother but I found out later that she was only here to help with the engagement. At one point during dinner Travis had to go back to the car to get his wallet. He took quite awhile but said he was putting his camera in a safer place. In actuality he was putting stuff in Kim's car.

After dinner we had planned to go up to ACU to take pictures of the Jacob's Ladder sculpture. After the pictures we went for a little walk around campus. When we were behind the Science building Travis' phone beeped saying he had a text message. He told me it was a telemarketer which I believed and didn't think anything else of it. It actually was Kim telling Travis she had everything ready. He then said he wanted to try to get some other pictures of the statue with the sun setting so he started to walk faster. Before going back to the statue he wanted to stop off at the ampitheater. As we got closer I noticed there were rose petals leading to the ampitheater. I said to Travis "I wonder why those are there." He said I don't know. It never entered my mind that it was for me--I thought the camp kids had done something out there.

When we reached the front of the ampitheater I knew what was coming. I saw a ring of rose petals and little bags filled with sand and tea lights. Travis got down on one knee and proposed. I hardly remember what I was saying during it--but he told me that I kept saying "oh my goodness" over and over...and then I said yes! It was kind of like one of those out of body experiences or that I can't believe this is happening to me moments. While we were hugging the campus police drove by, flipped his siren, and said congrats--not a planned event but a very nice touch. Kim and her mom came out of hiding, hugged and congratulated us and then took some wonderful pictures of us.

The reason I didn't expect this at all was because for the past few weeks Travis has mentioned that once he had the money he would be buying me a ring. So I thought it wouldn't be for awhile. The truth was that he had had a ring for over a month and a half. Also the last time we were in Abilene (about 3 weeks ago) he had asked my parents permission while I was taking a nap!

The wedding will be February 16th at our church in College Station. And I have already begun the crazy planning!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One Year

This past weekend was filled with a whole lot of fun--mainly girl time! On Friday Travis headed to Conroe to spend some time with his brother. So I hung out with some of the girls from our GAP class at church. The plan was to go to a place called Margarita Rocks for some free salsa dance lessons--who would pass that up? Beforehand we decided to watch some dance movies to get us in the mood. We watched some of Fame (a little slow so we stopped it) and Stomp the Yard (mainly just the cool dance segments). The lessons were very enjoyable. Since there were 4 of us girls we paired up--not really wanting the ackward random guy dance (also I promised Travis I wouldn't). After the lessons we sat back and watched the awesome couples and the women dancing on skinny stiletto heels. We did get asked twice to dance, once by a man who didn't speak english. My new plan is to take Travis there some Friday night and cut a rug!

On Sunday Travis and I celebrated our one year of dating! It is the weirdest feeling--it doesn't seem like it has been long enough to be a year and yet it feels like I have known Travis for much longer. This is the longest relationship I have ever been in and the most wonderful! We spent the day at the movie theater--something I have never done before. We first saw Harry Potter then went out and bought tickets for Transformers. Both were very enjoyable. And we finished it off with a nice dinner at Chili's. It was a wonderful day spent with a wonderful man!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Summer Catch Up

I use to be so good at this blog thing--everyday I would have a new post. Well, here is a quick update on things that have happened in the life of EC:

About two weekends ago Travis and I headed to Abilene to hang out with the gang, my family, and Robin! Travis was a real trooper that weekend. On Friday night he endured spending time at a house full of girls, jibber-jabbering about a lot of girl stuff. Saturday was filled with all kinds of wonderful enjoyments. We started off with a huge swim day. The hightlights included fantastic burgers, swimming pool baseball, and Travis, Stev, Mark, and Curtis doing crazy dives in the pool. That evening we had dinner at Los Arcos--a major Abilene favorite. We then played some fun Wii games and of course Catch Phrase at Hannah's. Sunday was more leisurly spent with the family. It included a home cooked lunch (haven't had that in awhile), birthday celebration, and a lovely Sunday nap. On Monday my sisters, Travis, and I ventured into the mini "flood" that hit Abilene to see the movie Ratatouille. And then after a few quick errands we were on our way back home.

Last Wednesday we had the big Fourth of July celebration at work. Everything went well. Thankfully it didn't rain too much that day so we were still able to have the fireworks. Travis came out after he finished work (we both have jobs that don't close on holidays). We had foot long corn dogs for supper and then picked up our free coke and blue bell ice cream! We didn't get back to College Station until 10:30--mainly because we helped pick up the chairs. I was very glad to have the next day off!

After this Saturday I will be off for 2 weeks! Travis and I have a trip planned for next weekend to meet his grandmother/Corp buddies in Dallas; then we will go to San Angelo to meet his other grandparents; then we will make a stop off in Abilene; and then head back to College Station.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

VBS Mania

Whew--the past three days have been a bit of a whirlwind what with work and then VBS until 9:00 at night. But I had so much fun! I knew the vast majority of the kids in my group which was very helpful. I'm pretty sure we had one of the largest classes--16 the first night. The first night our group went to see the drama skit that Travis was in--it was hilarious! I got great pictures and 2 video clips: one of Poptiphar's wife chasing Joseph around (the kids thought this was so funny) and the other of Joseph and Pharoah (our preacher) singing a song. I was so proud of him! By Wednesday night word had got around about the skit and quite a few church members came up just to see it.

At the end of the first evening Travis came to my classroom; I was still waiting for a few kids to be picked up. One of the boys starred at Travis and then he whispered to another boy "look it's Joseph." Then he covered his name tag and asked Travis what his name was. I snuck behind Travis and whispered his name. Travis then picked him up, did a little shake, and said his name. The little boy had a look of amazement. He asked Travis "how did you know that?" Travis told him that he dreamed it!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Coming Attractions

The summer months are here and I have begun using up my crazy amount of vacation days. This week I took Tuesday, Wednesday, and will take Friday off--not for anything in particular just because I need to use the days. I'm really excited because next week is Vacation Bible School at our church. I am co-teaching the kindergarten class which will be the same kids I taught all year! I think I'm more excited to see the skits performed. The story this year is Joseph so 3 different groups will be performing the music from Joseph and the Amazing Technocolor Dreamcoat. And in one of the groups Joseph will be performed by non other that...Travis Bodeker! I can't wait to see him. I hope to get lots of fun pictures!

I have firmly decided to purchase a digital camera--this week actually. I have been researching and I think I have found the one I want: a Canon A570. This will be an early birthday present to myself. I'm getting a little tired of using throw away cameras and I would like to be able to stick the pictures easily on my computer. So it's time to take another step into technology!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wednesday Happenings

All afternoon yesterday I felt extremely tired--not just a normal tired but a weird, funny tired. When the end of the day came, I made plans to go home and lay down for a little bit. Those plans were irritatingly interrupted. As I drove out of the park, I thought my car felt a little sluggish as it drove down the pavement. My co-worker, who was driving behind me, called my cell phone to inform me that I had a flat tire. Rats--of all days! So I pulled over to the side of the rode--luckily one of the male park workers came by and he helped me get the spare on. Then I drove to Navasota to get my tire patched up. By the time I got back to College Station I was so worn out, I decided I couldn't make it to church. I ran through a drive-thru for dinner and then laid down for about an hour at home.

An interesting thing that occurred on Wednesday was an email I received. In the email I was asked to speak at a session at a museum conference. I was quite flattered but also confused. I have no idea why the chose me--I don't know either of the people in charge but they said that I was recommended. It is still uncertain if I will do it--for one we are unsure that our museum programs apply to the session topic. So we will see what happens. I actually wouldn't mind doing it. I think it would be a great experience and a wonderful addition to my resume.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Saturday, at 4:00 in the morning, Travis and his brother, Cody, set out for their road trip to Denver, Colorado. They were going to spend a few days with their cousin who lives up there. They reached their destination around 8:30 pm. Personally, I don't know how well I would have lasted in a car for that long. So Travis is gone until Thursday--I'm trying to find things to do to keep my occupied until then.

Sometimes I get, I guess you could call them cravings. Usually it is a form of media--a tv show that I must watch many episodes of; or it could be a desire for Jane Austen movies; or the Anne of Green Gables saga. This weekend I was on a Lord of the Rings kick--not for the movies but for the appendices. I watched a whole bunch of the extra footage of how they made the extrodinary movies. I love listening to stories from the cast and crew and learning about how much work went into those movies. I truly can't imagine doing everything they did!

I think I stayed up a little too late reading last night. I am feeling it at work today. I usually have a bit of tiredness hit me in the afternoon, but today I am truly fighting to keep my eyes open. I only stayed up 30 extra minutes--it's amazing the affect it has on my body. I remember the days when I could stay up until 1:00 in the morning and wake up at 7:00. Those days are gone.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Time Off

Well, I survived last week. By the end of everyday I was completely wiped out--so many kids, so many tours. I'm back on my normal schedule and on the last week of school tours, which begins the thought process on vacation time.

Adding up my vacation and holidays I have 19 days to use as I like. This doesn't include the 6 vacation days that I will hold over to next year. These 19 days will need to be used during June and July as my August is very busy booking school tours. At this moment I have no definate plans for the days. I plan to go home to Abilene during the summer. I also would like to take a vacation somewhere with Travis. Because of summer tours that are already booked, a lot of my time off will be random days throughout the week. I do have my own little projects I would like to get done this summer--one of which is organizing my apartment.

So hopefully I will come up with some ideas to keep my busy during my days off.

Friday, May 18, 2007

LIght at the End of the Tunnel

My crazy 6 day week is coming closer to an end. When you give anywhere from 3-5 hour long tours a day it makes for a rather tiring work day. Any time I've had to sit has been well appreciated. This week I have had lots of evening things to attend or get done so I haven't had many nights of relaxation.

I have been going quite a few days without a day to sleep in (which I love and adore) which may explain what happened this morning. I awoke to the sound of my phone ringing, Travis calling to say good morning. So I woke up at 7:50--10 minutes before the time I'm suppose to leave to get to work. For the first 30 seconds I was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I got ready in about 30 minutes and headed to work. Thankfully we didn't have kids coming until 10:00.

We have one more group of kids coming at 3:30 and then the worst week of the year will be over! I plan to unwind tonight by going out to eat with some girls from church and then watching a movie. I'm super ready for my day off!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A New Post!

Oy! Once again I fell into the blog slump and left all of my avid readers in the lurch. One reason for this would be it's May--the busiest month for me at work. The TAKS test is over and the kids are coming out for their fun, educational tour at Washington-on-the-Brazos. It hasn't been that bad this year. Last year I remember feeling wipped out each day after all the tours. This next week however might be a little rough. Because of the tours I scheduled, I will be working Monday through Saturday. So I only get one day off this weekend and let me tell you there will be a lot of sleeping going on that day.

Social life is going well. Travis has finished his finals in his classes and did very well. Last weekend was pretty busy. On Friday night we went to see the new Spiderman with his brother Cody and some others from the AFC. It was good although I think I like the other 2 a little better. We went to the 9:15 showing and we didn't leave the theater until midnight. I'm not use to staying up that late so work the next day was a bit of a blur.

Last Saturday our Gap class met with other Gap classes from around the city and had a swing dance lesson. I was excited to dance with Travis--we haven't ever had an opportunity to do that. The instructor had us make a large circle around her with our partners but because there were a few more girls than guys she made us switch partners after learning each new step. Travis and I were a little bummed about that. I learned the basic step with him and then for the rest of the night we had to dance with other people. Close to the end of the lesson, we were trying to talk to each other from across the circle (he needed to leave early to study). He asked his partner if she would switch with me so that we could dance together. So while the instructor was giving our instructions, I quickly ran to the other side of the gym to be with Travis. Travis is a very good swing dancer--we just need to find a place where we can go dancing.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Travis's Birthday

On Sunday Travis turned 27 and so we threw him a little party. The party was held at Oaks Park where we could either play sand volleyball or disc golf. Beforehand we snacked on cheesecake (his favorite dessert) and ice cream. Unfortunately it was incredibly windy--so we had to pretend the candles were lit. There was one surprise Travis didn't know about. When I sent out the email to everyone about the party I asked them to bring a can of silly string. I had bought kiddy party favors for everyone to take--making it look like a kid's party. So when I told Travis we were going to play pin the tail on the donkey he thought it was part of the "kid theme". It actually was my decoy to blindfold him. While I situated the blindfold everyone else passed out the cans of silly string. As I spun him around the party goers formed a circle around him--some people with a can in each hand. I moved out of the way, counted to 3, and Travis was smothered in silly string of all colors! It was fantastic! We got him so good!

Here are a few pictures (courtesy of my friend David's facebook page):

Getting Travis ready for "pin the tail on the donkey"

Travis buried under silly string.

I did help clean him up...a little.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

TAM Conference

This past week I was in Austin with my fellow co-workers for the annual TAM conference. TAM stands for Texas Association of Museums. It's a time to meet others who work in the museum field, attend sessions on new information relating to museums, and in the evening visit museums within the city.

I was excited but also a little nervous. I had never been to a conference before and wasn't sure what to do. Alot of the time I hung around my boss, Anne, who introduced me to different people. As the week went on I started to met some people on my own--people who were close to my age. On Thursday evening there was a dance held at the Bob Bullock Museum. Of course being the Church of Christ girl that I am (meaning I'm not so good at dancing) I spent my time looking at the museum and watching my bosses and others cut a rug on the dance floor.

It was a highly enjoyable week. I truly enjoyed visiting the different museums in Austin--9 in all:

Blanton Art Museum
Harry Ransom Center Galleries
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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Christmas in April

Last Sunday I received my fantastic Christmas present from Travis. For those who don't remember, Travis got me tickets to the musical Wicked which was showing in Houston. So at 2:00 Sunday afternoon we headed out, me in my semi-formal dress I had bought a couple months ago and he in his suave suit. We first stopped off in Conroe to see Travis's brother, Cody, for a bit. Then we headed to the Woodlands for an early dinner before the show. After a little bit of confusion (my fault--there are too many buildings out there!) we found our destination--The Cheescake Factory. I had eaten there once before for a bachlorette party and remembered it was pretty delicious. The food was absolutely exquisite! It was hard to make myself stop eating so I could save room for the cheesecake. We split a piece of tiramisu cheesecake which was heavenly!

Once we were nice and full we headed to downtown Houston. We arrived an hour before the show so we had some time to leisurely walk around. We were sitting in the balcony which I think is the best spot because you can see everything that is going on. I was amazed by how many kids were there--mainly middle school girls. As we were sitting we watched one family going up the stairs--the middle school aged daughter was saying to her mom, "I'm so excited. I'm going to die" while the high school aged daughter was telling her sister to shut up. Reminded me of times I had with my sisters.

The musical was absolutely amazing! The music and the story line were fantastic. I've decided I have to get that soundtrack. Travis and I both really wanted to go watch it again.

It was a very enjoyable day and the perfect gift!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Stress...It's a Killer

I personally hate stress. I haven't experienced it in quite awhile--since I've been out of school. During my high school and college years I would push myself to the stress limit. Usually my stress came from having lots of projects all due at the same time. I would loose sleep working on them and also put alot of energy into worrying about each one.

All of these feelings came back to me on Thursday. This week I have been designing a Saturday program about wildflowers. My first time to give it is this Satureday (today). Things were going smoothly on Thursday until I started running into computer problems. I was scanning and printing pictures of the flowers but some were scanning with the wrong color shades or they had blotchy spots that I just couldn't fix. By the end of the day I was stressed to the max!

That evening I went over to Travis's to watch my shows (The Office and Grey's Anatomy) and to relax. I was quite miffed when I found out Grey's Anatomy was a rerun. I was feeling very worn out from the day, I had a major headache, and I still had that feeling of stress in me. It all finally reached the boiling point when Travis said one little innocent thing to me. He made a joking remark to me that for some reason pushed me to the edge...and I burst into tears. Poor Travis had no idea what he had done! I feel sorry for men who have to put up with us emotional women. I felt liberated after the tears--I had let go of the stress.

Thank goodness I don't have one of those jobs that has stress everyday. I'm highly sure it would be the death of me...or Travis :)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The People That You Meet

At work we have descendant cards that visitors can fill out. These cards let us know of people who are descendants of Republic of Texas citizens. Yesterday the front desk lady brought for me to type into the database. As I was typing in the different fields, I noticed the email address ended with So I looked back at the last name and realized I had an education professor with the same name. So I ran up to the front to see if they were still there--and it was him! He retired right after I took his class and he has been living in Minnesota. He remembered me once I mentioned who my dad was and we had a nice little chat. I still am amazed by the people I see out here or the connections I have to others.

This week I am working on putting together a Saturday program. When I was hired the intent was that I would create and give programs on Saturday afternoons. Well, so far that hasn't happened because of other stuff I have been working on. But during the month of April I will be giving a short program about wildflowers. Since most of the people coming out to the park are looking at the bluebonnets, paintbrushes, etc, why not give them some interesting information? So we will see how it goes...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Never a Dull Day...

Over the past 17 months working at the museum, I have come the conclusion that everyday is unique and filled with its surprises. These surprises can be enjoyable, such as visitors from another country; hectic, such as 287 visitors and only 3 people working that day; or down right aggrivating, such as the electricity cutting off.

This past Friday turned out to be on the of the aggrivating days. It started out running smooth with one tour of 4th graders, lunch, and working on booking other tours. Then came my 3:00 tour. Things went fine on the first floor as they worked on their scavenger hunts. Upstairs I spend the whole 30 minutes talking to them about the exhibits and rely on the teacher and parents to help keep them in line. Well the teacher and the parents decided to go off and look at everything on their own leaving me with around 16 students. I kept them together as well as one person could. On the way back down the ramp I had one little boy who was pushing the other children in front of him. I have never had that happen before. I had to stop the line and sturnly command him to come to the front of the line. Once we were down the ramp the students took a restroom break. When the teacher was done she walked outside and sat on the bench--leaving the students inside the museum!! It was unbelievable.

Today I walked into the museum to find out we had partial power--a brown out. I had to call in the problem to the electric company who said it would be back on between 10:20 and 11:00. That meant we couldn't open until all power was restored. The power finally came on at 11:15; eveything worked except the elevator. The doors on the bottom floor didn't open at all and the doors on the top floor wouldn't shut. So I found some stantions and a rope to block off the open doors. And as of now the chiller on the air conditioning is not turning on which means it is beginning to be a little stuffy inside.

Never a dull moment here.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Blarney Good Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Even though it is not one of the most famous of holidays, I really enjoy St. Patrick's Day. Who doesn't like a holiday when it is ok to cause a little bit of bodily harm to those not adhering to the rules? Luckily this morning I remembered to don my green attire. There have been many years in the past when I have made the cardinal sin of forget my green, thus leaving myself wide open for pinch attacks all day. I have found through personal experience that green eyes do not count as your splash of green, nor does it count if you are Irish. There are no privileged people on this day...anyone is game!

Remember back when beanie babies were all the rage? For me it was during middle school. All of my girlfriends were collecting them--buying the new one of the week and making sure they had those plastic tag protectors. I didn't really get into it. I wasn't enthralled with any of the animals...until the Erin bear came out. And why wouldn't I want it? It's name is Erin (just like me) and it's Irish (just like me). Of course when it first came out it cost a pretty penny which I wasn't about to spend for something stuffed with beans. But perhaps now I could find for pretty cheap on the old Ebay and then one of my lifetime goals will be fulfilled (incredibly kidding).

Friday, March 09, 2007

Icey Memories

Yesterday evening I watched Unwrapped, the episode about Hawaian/tropical food. One of the items discussed was shaved ice aka snow cones. Watching the ice being shaved, the syrup being poured, and the happy consumers faces made me think back on all my fond memories working for 3 years at a snow cone stand. At times it could get hectic to the point that you wanted to throw the syrup bottles against the wall or shove your head in the ice machine, but once you got past those moments it was a really fun job. Over the course of the 3 years I had regular customers who I knew by flavor. As soon as I saw them walking up I would begin making their order. There was the family who wanted Strawberry Daiquiri with very little syrup, the lady who liked lots of cream on any flavor she ordered, and then there was the lady who ordered the largest size of just ice...then when she got to her car, would pour some alcoholic drink on top.

I would have to give the snow cone stand some credit in helping me out of my "bubble". The stand I started working at was in the parking lot of Big Lots which was the hang out for the Cooper High kids. And I met quite an interesting slue of people...quite different from the Highland C of C and ACU crowds I was use to. I honestly think it was a good experience for me to realize what people in the "real world" are like.

Sadly, since my last day at the snow cone stand (about 2 1/2 years ago) I have lost my appetite for the cold siren. But back in the day my favorite flavors included:

* Silver Fox
* Lucky Charms (tasted just like the marshmellows from the cereal)
* Banana Daiquiri
* Watermelon with margarita salt (tasted like real watermelon)
* Black Cherry Cola

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I don't feel like writing my experiences in paragraphs today (especially after having 150 kids come throught the museum). So here are some nuggets of fun to chew on:

* Next week I (and hopefully Travis) am taking a couple of days off and heading up to Abilene! I will get in late Monday and stay until Wednesday. Whoo-hoo!

* A little girl in one of my tours today said "You look like a Barbie doll." Nice self-esteem booster.

* Monday I watched the movie "Mommie Dearest" which is the story of the movie actress Joan Crawford. Wow--what a psycho. For some reason I am entranced by this movie and thoroughly enjoy watching it.

* Monday evening there was a show commeorating the life of Gene Kelly which made my heart smile--he dances, he sings...what more could you want?

* I have fallen in love with the old church songs. Growing up I always went to churches where the newest songs were sung over and over. Our group that sings at a nursing home on Monday nights has brought new appreciation for songs I either heard long ago or never even learned.

* In about a month I will receive my Christmas present--watching the musical Wicked performed with Travis. I'm so excited!

* Is anyone else ready for the new season of Project Runway to begin?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

(Wow it's been awhile since I posted!)

This past weekend was Texas Independence Day Celebration which means I had to work both Saturday and Sunday along with all of the other staff. Friday night we had a special reception which I bought a special new dress for. Travis came and met all of the people I work with. As soon as he walked in the door the ladies swarmed at him. My family came down for the festivities. Travis spent alot of time with them without me: he rode to the park with them and he took them to church since I had to work. He really gets along well with them!

Today I gave a tour to a wonderful group of 7th graders. Everything was going well until I lead them into the boat. I told the first two girls to spin the wheel. I thought it was weird that one of the girls was right next to the other one. Then all of a sudden she fell backwards, hit her head on the wall behind her, and laid on the floor. She was out for at least 30 seconds. I tried to keep the other kids back while the teachers came to help her. Thankfully she didn't start siezing. One little girl was crying because it was her cousin who passed out. It is unsure what made her faint; the teacher said she was sick last week. My guesses are: 1. she was still sick 2. she got clausterphobic or 3. she has low blood sugar.

The fact that this is my second student to faint on one of my tours is a little disheartening. Either I'm doing something wrong or these kids need to eat more protein.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Day was absolutely wonderful! The morning was a little crazy with running late to work and having some unexpected surprises with our tours. After work I rushed home and gathered up my stuff to teach my kindergarteners at church. I am absolutely positive that each one of them had 10 lbs. of sugar at school. They were all over the place! While waiting for their parents to pick them up, about 4 of the kids were playing tag in the classroom. I quickly averted their desire for rambunctious activity by involving them in the quiet game. They immediately became enthused with playing this low-keyed game. They had no idea my ulterior motive.

I returned home a little after 8:00 where I waited for Travis to meet me. He called as he was parking outside the apartment and told me to wait in my room while he got some stuff ready. When he told me to come out there on my chair were two beautiful canvas paintings of flowers. In between the paintings was a single red rose. Travis told me that the rose was from my dad. My dad has always given my a rose for Valentine's day since I was a little girl. He had emailed Travis and asked him if he would get one to give me. Travis then told me the paintings were his flowers to me--flowers that would always last. The first painting was of some type of red flower and the other was of some white flowers--I think they are lilies (I'm not good with identifying flowers). What is absolutely fantastic is the paintings match my living room decor perfectly!

Travis then gave me my card--a dvd. It started out with pictures of the two of us including Halloween, homecoming, New Years, and other events. The song "Only God Could Love You More" played while the pictures scrolled through. That song has become one of my new favorites! At the end of the pictures came the messages that took my breath away and caused some tears to fall:

"I give this not in celebration of Valentine's but in celebration of You! This one day is no different from the 364 that follow. My heart and my soul anxiously await the events that have yet to transpire. May the Author and Prefector of our love continue to draw us closer together."

Let me just say that I have watched this dvd many times now! By the time we finished this it was about 8:45 and neither of us had eaten so we ran to Sonic and then watched the movie Pillow Talk. It was a perfect Valentine's.

I took the dvd up to work and quite a few of my coworkers were jealous. One lady asked if her husband could watch it as a hint for next year!

Thank you so much, Travis. I love you!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

History Fair

This week has completely flown by! We have been so incredibly busy this week getting ready for History Fair which occurred on Friday. Every night I have come home so incredibly exhausted and hardly any energy to do anything. On Thursday night I didn't leave work until 6:00--we were quickly finishing up stuffing packets for everyone. Than night I went to bed at 9:30 in order to get up early enough to be at work by 7:30.

We had a small problem arise in that we were unable to use a building for check in. This meant we had to redirect 163 students, plus teachers, and about 50 judges to a much smaller area. Luckily it all worked out well. I spent the first part of the morning helping out at the Judges Table along with Amanda who came out at the crack of dawn to help--as did Aaron (fellow A&M Church of Christers that I recruited).

At 9:00 I joined up with my other two judges and we began judging the Junior Individual Exhibits. We had 10 minutes on each exhibit to look at the display, glance over the students process paper, and conduct an interview with the student. The kids were so cute and also nervous. One little boy (the first place winner) wore a suit and in his interviewed used the phrase "cost-balance analysis" the right context!

After judging I mainly stayed in the conference center in case any volunteers didn't show up or something happened that needed fixing. From 1-3 I hung out with Sonya (another A&M Church person) at the Judges Table. We also helped set up more chairs for the awards ceremony which started at 3:00. There were these two older men who were representing an organization which donated money to the fair. They asked Sonya how old she was and then stated that they thought she was 13 and that I looked about that same age. Sheesh! I suppose it is nice to know I look younger--but I'd rather hear it when I'm in my 30's.

Once the awards ceremony was over it was time to relax. We set about taking down signs and gathering up all the paper and packets we needed to take back to the museum. I drove back to the museum to pick up the Blinn van so we could load everything in one trip. Before taking the van up to the conference center I went to take down the signs on the visitor center door. After taking the signs down I started a slight jog back to the van which did not end well. Somehow I tripped on my shoe and fell on the concrete. I ate it hardcore. Thankfully the two busses full of students had left moments before. From what I could deduce only one car with a family inside witnessed the humiliating event. I left the scene with some scrapes on my palms and a very nice strawberry on my knee.

All in all the day was a lot of fun and very rewarding!


I had a rather unenjoyable Monday this past week. Monday is my day off from work and usually a time when I sleep in and get things I have put off done. This Monday was unbelievably tiring and frustrating. It really all started on Sunday night at 11:00. I was watching t.v. when I heard a dripping noise. I went in the kitchen to investigate and I found both sides of my sink full of brown water...and it was slowly overflowing onto the floor! My initial reaction was to call Travis and have him come help. My next move was to call the 24-hour help line for my apartment complex who said they would send over the maintenance guy. By the time I finished both phone calls the overflow had stopped but it had completely covered my kitchen floor with nasty water. It took me 5 rolls of paper towels to clean it all up. The maintenance guy was able to get the water back down but anytime he flipped the disposal on the water came back up. He said he would have to wait until the morning to get it fixed. That meant I had to be up early on my day off. So at 8:00 I rolled out of bed, put my glasses on, and slept on the couch until I heard a knock. It took the maintanece people from 8:30-11:00 to fix the sink. By that time it was pointless to catch a few more hours of sleep.

I then got ready and went to get my oil changed at Walmart which took an hour and a half. When I picked the car up they told me I needed 2 new tires. So I went to Discount Tire Co. with took over 2 hours. By the time I got back home it was after 5:30 and I was so tired. It was such a frustrating day--grrr!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

You Know You Can Handle Anything When...

Last night I taught my little kindergarteners about Jesus cleansing the temple. I started off with them singing the "Hallelu, Praise Ye the Lord Song"--they had a blast with that. Anything that involves fast singing and standing is always a hit. To lead into the story I had the kids clean the tables. I had cut up some old shirts for them to use as rags. Then we went over what items were correct for cleaning the tables. I held up sponges, a bag of dirt, glue, water, and markers. After cleaning the tables I told them the story of Jesus in the temple and then we discussed how God lives in our hearts.

Then came the fun part of the night:

While the kids were working on their craft activity, one of the little boys, Sam, cut his finger with the scissors. It wasn't a bad cut, but he was bleeding a little bit. I located the first aid and got down on my knees to put a band-aid on his finger. While putting the band-aid on he was crying a bit so I tried to calm him down. Through his sobs I heard him say "My tummy feels bad." Right after I figured out what he said it happened. He threw up. And because I was on my knees, right next to him it went all over my sleeve and on my pants. Luckily, I kept it together. I was thinking more about getting him cleaned up and near the toilet in case it happened again. While I cleaned him up one of the other teachers went to find his dad and the other started cleaning up the mess. I wasn't able to get it off of me--there was quite a bit.

As I left the classroom when church was over I saw Travis coming down the hall. I immediately told him not to hug me because of the throw up. As we walked down the hall he said he could smell it. So I rushed home to shower and throw the clothes in the wash before he came over for our study. As I drove home I had the car window rolled down and I was literally holding my nose because of the contained smell.

I figure if I can handle having someone else's kid throw-up on me then it will be no sweat when my own kids do it.

*I hope none of you were eating while reading this. :)

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Yesterday we celebrated a co-workers birthday with cake, a card, and the same candle we have been using for ages (it's a really long candle). The cake was a swedish pineapple cake. I am known around work as the picky one and I agree to it. I have lots of foods that I don't like to eat. When it comes to desserts I like sugar--unadulterated sugar. I don't like nuts, coconut, or fruit in my dessert product. This means I don't like apple pie, peach cobbler, cherry cobbler, and when it comes to banana pudding I pick out the bananas.

I put forth an effort and tried a bite of the cake. It might have been different if it was a fruit I actually liked but I really don't like pineapple. I did like the cream cheese icing! I felt really bad when Effie, the lady who made the cake, pulled out a chocolate pie she bought in case I didn't like the cake. I was happily content to not indulge in cake. I felt like the spoiled brat of the office. As she cut the pie I could feel my cheeks becoming warm and I knew my face was bright red. Oy!

On a lighter note I learned yesterday how to manually flush a toilet. Our water pressure was very low and in order to make the toilets flush you had to hold down the handle. Well, when I used it the water pressure was even lower and nothing was happening. I asked Effie what to do. She told me to fill up the huge bucket in the back hall with about a foot of water. It was an interesting sight--lugging a huge bucket in a skirt and high heels. I was told to pour the water in the toilet quickly (but not so quick that it made a mess). I was astonished as it all went down the toilet! That's a handy little trick to know...for later emergencies.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Back to School...Sort of

My employer, Blinn College, sent out an email about a month ago advertising a discount on online courses. I thought I might peruse the courses that were being offered. I happened to find one that I had always regreted not taking at ACU--Personal Finance. This week I signed up to take the 6 week course and learn all about how to take care of my money. I figure now that I am out on my own it would be good to know how to create a working budget and also how and where to invest. I'm actually quite excited about my class. I've never had an online course so this should be interesting.

Work is getting very busy. January to the end of May goes very fast and is packed full of events. Right now I am still taking tours but I'm quickly running out of room. I am also starting work on the Art Contest for area-wide 4th graders. History Fair is in 3 weeks! I am helping Anne a little bit with that. I think during the fair I am going to be judging the Individual Exhibits--exciting! Our Texas Independence Day Celebration weekend is March 3-4. We also have a reception the evening of the 2nd. Lots of things need to be put together for both of these events. And then March, April, and May are chalked full of tours. It will be quite busy the next 4 months.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It Actually Feels Like Winter

Yes even down in College Station the artic blast has brought a lovely layer of ice. I don't believe we have had it as bad as Abilene--the ice hasn't been sticking to the roads. A&M closed yesterday and today--a nice surprise for the students. And my work decided to close yesterday! So I stayed inside as much as possible and did quite a bit of reading. Today we had to go in but not until 10:00. Thankfully I thought to get up a little early to have time to de-ice my car. Goodness gracious that ice would not budge! The fun part was watching big chunks fly off and crash into tiny pieces as I drove down the highway.

When I arrived at work I found out that the heat strip in the office was not working. So our office area if full of 60 degree air. My boss found me a space heater to warm my little body--I get cold when the heat strip is working! Needless to say I have yet to take my coat off and at times have donned my gloves.

I'm sure all the people up north are laughing at us crazy Texans for closing schools and businesses for a little bit of ice.

I hope everyone enjoys the ice/snow days!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Travis Receives Major Brownie Points!

So far I have known that Travis is more fantastic than most guys I know...but today he blew all other guys out of the water! After church we ate lunch at his apartment and then spent the rest of the day watching--Pride and Prejudice! I'm not talking about that horrible new movie that was made with Kiera what's her face. We watched the best one out there--the A&E 5 hour version with Colin Firth.

He stayed awake during the entire thing. We didn't take any breaks and he never asked to have it turned off. I think he did get a little jealous when I drooled a bit over Mr. Darcy :). There are not many guys that would sit through that whole movie. I have found a truly fantastic guy! But of course I knew that long before today!

I love him so much!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Catch Up

* I had a very enjoyable New Year's Eve. Robin came down Saturday night after shooting pictures at a wedding. We spent New Year's Eve at Travis's apartment with his brother, Sarah, and Kendra. We watched movies, made Robin's famous puppy chow (man, I miss that), and played lots of Nerts.

* I've been off work this entire week. In theory it sounds wonderful to get 2 weeks off from work but when you don't have much planned to do you can get bored really easily. On Tuesday night Travis's coworker gave him tickets to the men and women's basketball games. I really enjoyed it. I really like sporting events. I get more into them when I'm actually at them than watching them on tv. It's too bad there isn't a hockey team here.

* I am back at work today--my first day back in two weeks. I realized yesterday that I forgot to put a phone message saying I would be out of the office. When I came in today there was a note on my desk from the secretary saying "have fun with your voicemail." How many did I have? 17.

* I received an email today from my employer (Blinn College) saying that Blinn employees will have a discount on online courses run through I have always regretted that I didn't take a personal finance class in college. So I think I am going to sign up for this class to learn more about budgeting, saving, and investments.

Monday, January 01, 2007


Here are the pictures from my special project:

Christmas was very enjoyable. I spent a leisurly week with my family in Abilene. I also spent some time with the Abilene girls and with some of the gang from college. But by the end I was really ready to get back home and see Travis.

Saturday Travis and I had our Christmas together. Travis got me the most wonderful gift! He told me he didn't have the gift with him but he had a picture of it on my computer. When I opened it up I found out my present was tickets to see the musical Wicked in Houston in April!!! I'm so excited! He knew exactly what to get me!