Saturday, October 06, 2007

Here We Go

And once again I have slacked off on the blog updating. Things are getting a little busier around here so it has been harder to keep up with even posting on a weekly basis. Wedding plans are going well--I'm not getting stressed out...yet. I am however realizing that my time is slowly but steadily becoming less and less. And once the holidays roll around time is going to start whizzing by. Travis and I remain productive by trying to make lists of things to do each week. Since my last post we have: bought our wedding bands (and placed them in a safety deposit box til the wedding), registered at Sear for tools, started Marriage Prep class at our church, begun buying decoration items, scheduled two good friends to play in the ceremony, and made plans for a shower in Abilene.

Also our engagement announcement should be in the Abilene paper this Sunday. So all you Abilenians reading this should be on the lookout for that!

Along with wedding plans work has become extremely busy. This past week my boss and I gave presentations to the Texas History classes at Blinn College. This is the one program I fret most about because the audience is anywhere from 2-6 years younger than me. It's a little more nerve racking than speaking to kids. Of course being out of the office for two days I had massive amounts of work waiting for me. I practically was on the phone all day Thursday booking tours and scheduling families for our Home School Day program. Whew! At least it made the days go by quickly.

So as the months progress I am trying to balance work, wedding planning, and social events. I definately am not bored!