Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Kids Say...

Our tours have picked up quite a bit in the past few months, what with school almost being out. It is always a treat to hear what the kids will say or ask. Here are a few fun kid sayings from the past few weeks:

* 4th grader after seeing the picture of Chuck Norris, "Miss, you have a picture of that guy...what's his name...Bob Norris?"

* 4th grader passing the large statue of Sam Houston, "That's Sam Houston, isn't it? He's the one who is on the penny."

* 3rd grader looking at our animal display, "Look it's a Run Roader."

* 3rd grader after I told them how clothes were made, "When you were a little girl did you have to make clothes from cotton?"

* "This place (the museum) is like a history book and we jumped inside it."

* 4th grader looking at our video of faces: "Is that Susanna Dickinson? It sure sounds like her."