Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Aftermath of Christmas

Now that Christmas is over, life has slowed down quite a bit. This Christmas was more frantic than others. With two jobs I didn't have much time for shopping--I actually got it all done in about a day (two days before Christmas). I did pretty well...there are only two items I got that were completely off the mark.

Since the busy Christmas time has passed I am being scheduled for less hours at Kirkland's which is kind of nice. The past two weeks I was working close to 40 hours per week not to mention the time at my job at ACU. The past few nights have been really slow. Last night it was just me and Tim, one of the assistant managers, working from 7-9:30. To pass the time we played speed, performed a few magic tricks, and had quite a few rubber band fights. It was really fun not doing work stuff.

I was off on Tuesday so, after a small nap, I attacked the Relm. I put on my Evita soundtrack loud enough so I could hear it in every room of the house and I cleaned that sucker from top to bottom. After 2 1/2 hours of cleaning the house looked great! And as a reward for my efforts I plopped on the couch and watched about an hour of the appendixes from Return of the King and then an episode of X Files. It was a good night.

I am off on Friday and Saturday so I've already made plans to hang out with the Abilene girls on New Year's Eve. We sort of made a pact in high school to always hang out on New Year's Eve no matter what. So the two girls who are married are leaving the husbands for the night and enjoying a wonderful girls' night. The plan is to dress stylishly and eat at Cypress Street and then return to Trish's house for one of our famous slumber parties--I can't wait.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


I woke up today to a beautiful blanket of white snow on the ground. I was so excited! I love snow. What I didn't realize was that it was still coming down rather aggressively--even better. It was interesting uncovering my car this morning to go to work. I still haven't bought an ice scrapper so I was using my glove. And as I opened the front door the piled up snow filtered its way right on to my seat--lovely. So I entered work with a slightly wet bum. I wish all of the gang was here so we could go play in the snow like we did freshman year--man, that was a good time. Instead I'm stuck in the office and then have to jet to the mall for the rest of the day--oh, well. For those of you in Abilene or anywhere else it is snowing...happy snow day!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Wedding

Sheesh! It's been quite awhile since I've written on my blog. I sort of slacked off there. Well, the group of us got back last night around 9:30 from Mark and Katrina's wedding. It was a really great trip. Only a few small incidents occurred along the way. Some highlights from the trip:

*meeting at Tortuga at 5:45 in the morning--whew!
*Phil unable to take the right turn in Wichita Falls to reach the McDonalds
*Playing chicken with the on coming van as we tried to pass another car
*20 questions--which created a lot of tension between the two cars
*not finding out the answers to 20 questions until the wedding breakfast
*Atomic Burrito in Tulsa--The "atomic" smell in the building
*Lauren losing her purse at Atomic Burrito but remaining calm
*Driving straight through the toll booth and not getting caught
*Bachlorette party + Philter
*Amazing Chinese Restaurant--the building was like this Chinese palace
*Seeing horse drawn carriages in downtown Springfield
*Special bachlorette gifts for Katrina from Melody, Adriane, and Kristen (girls ask me in person and I will tell you what they were)
*Getting lost on the way to the cabins and driving through "the lights" of Branson (I felt like we were in Vegas)
*Waking up at 6:00 for the rehearsal in the freezing weather
*Worrying and calling Bret countless times, unsure of where he and Julie were
*Helping delagate the rehearsal
*Wedding Breakfast--good stuff
*Devotional lead by Phil with Atomic Burrito references
*Mark's cousin, Matthew jumping in the girl van to ride to Branson
*Getting a call from Mark asking about the flowers, which were in the van in Branson, needed for pictures
*DanX, Marcus, and Phil doing an amazing job playing/singing "May the Few"
*The weird bathroom in the reception hall--it had two toilets without barriers
*Chocolate Soy Milk at the reception--YES!!!
*Absolutely great music played at the reception
*Catching the bouquet
*Andrew's crazy car decorations
*Spending the night at Katrina's Grandmother's house
*Marcus getting a speeding ticket
*Arriving home safe and sound
*Catching up on all the sleep I lost

It was such a fun weekend and such a beautiful wedding. Congrats to Mark and Katrina Willis--I love you guys!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Commence Relaxation

Well, this morning at 8:00 I finished my very last final of my college career (no finals in student teaching). I feel burden free right now. I'm at work and don't know what to do with myself--I usually study or read for class. Ahhh...

Today after my final I went to Kirkland's to fill out all my paper work. I am offically an employee. I received my code to clock in and out which is really cool--I've never worked at a job with computer registers before. I go in tomorrow morning for 2 hours just to learn the ropes and get acquianted with what the job entails. So far I am scheduled for around 32 hours next week. I'm really excited!

Friday night I will be marshalling at graduation. Then afterwards I'm sure I will venture over to Tortuga to join in on the crazy 24 hour Smat Tourney/Vigil. Oy! I'm signed up to play at 11:00 Saturday morning with Robin, Lauren, and Rachael--I just hope we can last for a whole hour. What a waste of time.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

One Down...Two To Go

I just finished my hardest final of the week. It was an all essay test in Renaissance and Reformation--bleck! I really have no idea how well I did--as soon as the test was over I blocked it all from my mind.

At 4:30 today I have an interview at Kirkland's in the mall. I am in need of a second job over Christmas break and possibly during the spring semester. Hannah just recently got a job at Kirkland's and informed me that they are still hiring. So I turned in a resume yesterday and the manager asked me to come back today--a very good sign. So we will see what happens.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Chritmat Time

Monday I got the urge to decorate the house with our few but special Christmas regalia. So Robin, Brooke, and I spent the time going through and "Christmasifying" the Relm. Some of the stuff in the boxes I've never seen before and have no idea where it came from...but we still used it. Some of my favorite decorations include:

* The beautiful 3-foot Christmas tree (good job, Brooke)
* The 12-inch Christmas tree on the table with the single 5-inch (in diameter) Christmas ball hanging from its branches
* The "Ghetto B" stocking (you'll have to see it to understand)
* The stockings hung on the mantle with duct tape
* Lauren's stocking hung on the flip flop on the wall...until she comes to claim it
* The piece of cardboard that we wrote "Merry Christmas Ya'll" on and hung on the empty nail in the kitchen
*The random "Bah Humbug" stuffed animal (a ladybug I think) tapped upside down on the front door with duct tape

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

(To the tune of New Kids on the Block's "The Right Stuff")

What's in the middle...
The White Stuff!