Thursday, August 23, 2007

Horrible Day!

Yesterday started and ended with things going wrong. For the past couple of nights I have had a hard time falling asleep--I toss and turn for at least 30 minutes. Well, I think it caught up with me yesterday morning. I usually snooze for 30 minutes, using my cell phone as my alarm. At one point I woke up and thought to myself, "It looks a little brighter in my room than normal." I looked at my phone and realized I sleeped 30 minutes longer than I should have. So then I went into crazy rush mode. Some how I got ready and was out the door at my normal time--I must have cut something out of my routine.

Everything went fine at work. I scheduled quite a few tours, talked with my co-workers, etc. No problems. Then it was time to go home. I was on the phone with my mom as I left Navasota and merged onto Highway 6. It was then that I felt the sluggishness of my car--I had a flat! So I quickly pulled over and got out to assess the damage. Of course it had to be the tire closest to the busy highway. I probably could have changed it myself but I was in a skirt and high heels and I was really afraid of getting hit by the whizzing cars. So I called Travis to help me--of course it was going to take him about 20 minutes to get out there. About 5 minutes after calling him a wonderful, nice man stopped and put my spare on for me. I was so grateful!

So I made my way back to College Station and planned to go to Wal-Mart to get the tire patched up. When I arrived the mechanic told me that they close at 7:00 but stop taking customers at 6:00--the guy in front of me was their last customer. I was so distrot. And nothing else was open. So I was going to have to wake up early and bring my car in at 7:00 the next morning. Grrr!

After all of that I was ready to get back to my apartment to cool of and relax. I got pretty nasty standing outside in the humid air. As I walk into the apartment I notice it's a little warm. The air conditioner was blowing but the thermometer read 80 degrees. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. I just started to cry--and it really made me feel better.

This morning I got the tire fixed and I have a call into my apartment to fix the air conditioner. Let's hope that this day is filled with less surprises.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Dreams Begin...

I remember back when I lived in RELM, my roommate Lauren began having dreams about her wedding a month or so before the big day. And not the best of dreams--dreams in which something went wrong. Well, Sunday night I had my first wedding dreams. I had two dreams that were very similar in that they both had to do with not being ready for the wedding. In one it was the day before the wedding and I was trying to get everything planned that day. In the other it was the day of the wedding and I was frantically calling to get flowers. I hadn't decided how the ceremony would go either. It was a huge mess!

My hope is that these dreams don't continue...they make me a little nervous.

Point and Shoot

This past Sunday Travis and I started the registration mania! We were so excited. Of course we really didn't think about the day we picked--Tax Free Weekend in College Station with new freshman getting settled in the dorms. Actually it wasn't bad at all--I guess the majority of them did their shopping on Saturday.

We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to begin. We filled out all of our information and then picked out our dinnerware and flatware. We then were given the gun or I should say Travis was given the gun. He was so excited about it and I let him do all of the shooting. At one point he said "look at this"--He had the gun in his short's pocket and whipped it out in the true old western gun showdown style.

It was so fun to go around deciding what things we would want...and to know people would get them for us! We still have to register at Target and probably make another trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to finish and possibly change some choices.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Photos and Dresses

Robin came down this weekend to take our engagement pictures--quite exciting! Sunday after church and lunch we ventured out to 4 different spots for our well-posed pictures. I let Travis pick out the spots since he has been in College Station longer and I had no clue where to go. Of course all of our sights were outside and it was one of the hottest days we have had in awhile. I brought a towel along to dab the sweat inbetween pictures. We started off taking pictures at the Adminstration building on A&M campus. The front of this building has these huge white pillars. We then took some shots at the arches which have to do with the Corps--Travis really wanted to get some pictures there. The next place was the Century Tree which is this very old tree on campus. The branches have become so large that they droop to the ground. I love this tree and was really glad we used it for our pictures. The last place we went was the George Bush Museum. Behind the museum there is a pond--we took pictures on the bridge and under the trelaces. We also got a fun picture of Travis pretending to throw me in the pond. I'm really excited to see how the pictures turned out!

On Monday I traveled to the Houston area to check out some bridesmaid dresses. I have been looking online at all kinds of dresses and the only place I really liked was Alfred Angelo. I picked a really cute tea length dress in the color Indigo (darker blue). Now I have to tell my bridesmaids about it and figure out how to get the dresses ordered.

Sick of Being Sick

Well, I am back at work after being out for a whole week due to illness. Two Saturdays ago (Aug. 4) I felt really funny at work. When I got home I just layed on the couch all evening feeling yucky. I had a horrible cough and drainage and Travis was pretty sure I had a fever. I decided to rest for Sunday and Monday, hoping the sickness would be gone by my Tuesday work day. But it didnt work. I still felt horrible and had a fever. On Sunday night I woke up twice during the night and dry heaved--not a fun experience.

On Tuesday Travis took me to the doctor. The doctor couldn't find any signs of sinus problems. When he listened to my chest he found the problem--I had bronchial pneumonia! So I was given an expensive medication and an expensive cough medicine (that tastes horrible). I was stuck on the couch for the rest of the week.

I think my body was trying to tell me that I have been trying to do too much too quickly for the wedding. For only being engaged 3 weeks I have quite a bit done. I'm just trying my hardest to have it all done so I'm not stressed right before the wedding.

So far I have:

* A date picked
* A place for the wedding/reception/rehersal dinner
* The officiant picked
* Attendents picked
* Colors and theme picked
* My dress purchased
* Photographer lined up
* Wedding cake person picked out
* Honeymoon spots narrowed down
* Engagement pictures taken
* Bridesmaid dresses picked out

I think I'm doing ok--since I have 6 months till the wedding.