Wednesday, June 30, 2004


As of last night I am no longer an alcohol virgin. I met Christy, Heather, and Trish at Chili's where the dastardly deed could commence. Before the other girls arrived I was sitting in the waiting area by myself when these guys invited me to sit with them. I was flattered while at the same time grabbing for my pepper spray (just kidding). Since I have no experience with alcohol I was up for any suggestions the girls could give. In the end I went with a strawberry margarita. I even got carded--it was so fun!!! The drink was good--i finished all of it (mainly because Christy said I had to). I don't think I'm much of a fan of alcohol--give me a coke anyday and I'm content. But I had to experience it once.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Life's Little Responsibilities

It's time for a look into EC's work life. Normally at the Provost office I have nothing to do. I sit and either surf the web or play computer games. It gets old after awhile and makes the time go really slowly. But there is always that one day in a blue moon when the office is flooded with tasks to get done. At those times I find myself drowning in a sea of papers and staples. And just when I think I have reached the top and can finally breath, another wave pushes me right back to the dire position I was in before.

Well, today wasn't that kind of day but I was given a task that made me want to scream, cry, and punch someone all at the same time. One of my bosses, Dr. Winter, is out of the office for the rest of the summer until school starts. While he is gone it is our task to get his office orgainized. He helped out by making a list of what files are in what drawer. So I am given the task of figuring out how the old list and the new list coincide. I take both lists into the office, open the first drawer--and thus the confusion begins. None of the stuff in this drawer or the one below it are on the list!!! It's just a big hodge-podge of folders filed in chaotic order. I spent 30 minutes in that office trying to understand how this man found anything. I would love to completely gut all of the cabinets and file everything as I think it should go.

I think it's a good thing that Dr. Winter is out of the office for awhile because I don't think I would be in control of the words that would come out of my mouth. Anyway, just a word of advice when filing: keep an up-to-date list of all the files and stick with your filing system--don't let chaos take could ruin the lives of others.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

A Dream is a...

I had the most unusual dream this morning. Usually I don't remember my dreams but for some reason this one stuck in my head--probably because it was so odd. The oddity of this dream stems more from the fact that it was all over the place. This morning I was suppose to get up at 6:45 to go workout at the gym but I sort of woke up, changed the alarm and went back to bed. Thus begins the dream...

I dreamed that all of a sudden all these people were at my house including my sisters so I decided to wake up. There was some guy that insisted I went to high school with his friend. He kept showing me pictures but I didn't recognize him. Then I decided to go workout but I was going to run to ACU. During my run the streets kept changing from the streets in Abilene and the streets in my old neighborhood of North Richland Hills. I was running past EN 12th street and saw Brooke T.'s car at Better Than Yours. I ran to talk to her and out of the passenger side was Haley Savage (a friend from high school who I haven't seen since graduation---what the huey?!?!). I started running again and the streets changed to North Richland Hills. As I was passing my old street I saw Mark and Phil being pulled in those little red "radio flyer" (or whatever they were called) wagons. I waved and kept running--it didn't cross my mind that it was odd they were here instead of in Australia. I soon relized I wouldn't have time to get ready for work if I went to the gym so I ran back home.

I really wish I knew how dreams form in our minds. I've often times heard that it's just our mind throwing up stuff that's happened to us or that we have thought about. But I haven't thought of Haley Savage in ages!!! I'm suddenly proned to think about an X Files episode (I know "what a dork") where people were killing themselves because they couldn't tell if they were still asleep. Whoa what a creepy thought!

Well, I want to wish all of you sweet dreams!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Chocolate cake; Golf Carts; and Duck, Duck, Goose

I personally survived June Passport. I really had a whole lot of fun. Right after work I went over to the Teague center to collect the freshmen who had departmental meetings in the Ad building. I held my huge professional-looking cardboard sign and herded the large group of quivering freshman across campus. While in the building everyone kept asking me where a certain room was or what do we do now...It was a great feeling of power knowing all the answers.

From 2-2:30 I hung out with the other passport volunteers (it was hard to miss us in our lovely yellow shirts.) I, along with 4 other volunteers had to be back at our posts to answer more questions. So Misty offered to drive us on the special golf cart. I was one of the first to jump on because I wanted to ride on the back standing up. It was quite a rush...and a little nerve racking at times. When you are short and standing on the back it is very hard to see the road so you have no perception of how close you are to parked cars or trees...quite a thrill, eh?

I was back at the Teague center at 5:45 to help serve dinner. I had to practice some self-control as we were the only ones in the room so far and there were about 50 tables set up with pieces of dark chocolate cake!!! I really, really wanted to take it. I was positive that I could have finished it off in 5 seconds and noone would have known.

After dinner we had a mixer out in the mall area with all the freshmen. There weren't enough leaders to help with the groups so I had to take a different group from the one I would be helping with at Welcome Week. Aracely (a mentor leader in the same group as I am) and I combined groups because they were a tad on the small side. I was excited because Erin Schilcutt, a girl I've known in my youth group, and Shelby Jackson, Megan's little sister, were in the group. After a time of getting to know you, Erin suggested we play Duck, Duck, Goose. We tried to get other groups to join but they wouldn't--I guess they were too cool for us. This one big black guy came and played--he was so awesome! After duck, duck, goose they taught me a new game called look down, look up which doesn't seem like much excitement but is unbelievably full of laughter and joy.

After the interaction with my group last night I am extremely pumped and ready for Welcome Week. Knowing now how much fun this experience is I wish I had participated every summer.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Yellow, Such a Perky Color

Today I begin my first day as a blog user. Quite a momentous time. I really enjoy reading everyone else's blogs so why shouldn't I join in on the enthrollment? Yesterday I helped get ready for Passport. I was in the group who put the 500+ packets together. I was so sick of seeing paper! Though it wasn't the most fun thing to be doing on a Sunday afternoon I felt I had done some good--and that's what counts.

Today I arrived at school, in my yellow passport shirt, at 7:45 to help the new freshmen locate where they were taking tests. This whole experience has flashed me back to my freshman year when I was looking for the Hart auditorium. Can it be three years have gone so fast? I'm not sure about this whole senior thing. Sure you are the big man (woman) on campus but what happens when it's over? College has been such a wonderful experience. So many wonderful friends, so many amazing do you leave all that behind? Well, I have a whole nother year before that becomes a blazing worry. For now I am content knowing I have another year of exciting college adventures!