Monday, July 26, 2004

2 more weeks

2 more weeks...of course this refers to the wonderful union of Curtis and Lauren but it also will means something else. In two weeks Jenny and her fiance Kyle move out of our house!!! We thought this summer when we took in Jenny we were getting one person to help pay rent--little did we know that she and Kyle would pretty much take over the entire house.

I hope those of you reading this don't think me rude in saying this, but I really need a place to vent my frustrations. Kyle is always at our house I wake up at 7:00 in the morning--he is there. I come home for lunch--he is there. I come home at night after work--he is there. And when he and Jenny are at the house they aren't as considerate as Lauren and Curtis who usually hang out in their room. Kyle and Jenny spread out in the living room talking or doing Jenny's homework. It's a little annoying for Robin and I when we want to relax from our long work days in front of the tv.

Another problem is the kitchen. 3/4 of the refrigerator has been taken over by Jenny's food. It's really annoying, especially when I have a craving for some watermelon kiwi kool-aid but realize I can't make any because there isn't any room among Jenny's stuff.  What's odd is that Jenny and Kyle have their own house that they could hang out at, like Curtis and Lauren do. But instead they decide to take over our house and they don't seem bothered by it at all.

I do enjoy Jenny. She is very sweet and fun. I think it's more about when Kyle comes over. Maybe it's that man-hater side of me ;)

Again I apologize for my jerky complaints but I can't keep some of this bottled up anymore. 2 more weeks...


Thursday, July 22, 2004

Epedimic in ACU AD Building

Today I had the most fun I've ever had working at the Provost office. First of all, a prelude to today, everyone has gone nuts in the AD building. For some odd reason everyone and their dog has decided to paint their offices--noone has been spared--yes, even the Provost office has caught the disease.

This past week we have been painting. I've only been there in the mornings from 8-10 since I have class and my other job. So I haven't done too much. But today I stayed practically all day. What's even greater is that Dr. VanRheenen and Dr. Winter are both out of the office until August so it's just us girls. Today was spent prepping the large office area so we could paint on Friday. We had fun taping the walls, using the dolly to move file cabinets, and finding all kinds of stuff that fell between the cracks of furniture. Stephen Lamb, who works in the registrar's office, and my boss's husband came to help us move the desks (although I think we could have managed without them).

At around 4:00 we realized we needed more blue tape and another gallon of paint. Jana was going to go by herself but Julie made a reference to snow cones. So I went along with Jana so I could use my special benefits to get us free snow cones at New Wave.

We got a lot of work done today but it felt more like playing than working--I wish everyday could be like that in the office.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Weekend Bliss

It seems like lately I blink and the weekend is gone and it's time to get back to both jobs and class...blech. On Friday Robin and I decided to break our watching "I Love the 90's" habit and go to the movies. Neither of us had seen Spiderman II so we ventured to the spine-thrilling, web-throwing flick. Wow--such a great movie! But the best part of the movie for both of us was what happened in the theater. In the middle of the movie this high school guy was walking up the stairs and just flat out bit it. He went down like a sack of potatos...and stayed down for a little bit. We could hear other women in the theater quietly asking if he was alright, but Robin and I were trying our hardest to keep the laughter inside.
Saturday involved bike riding, work (of course), and a small time of fellowship. Saturday night Curtis and Lauren invited people over to watch Along Came Polly. So Marcus, Bret, Curtis, Lauren, Robin, and I had some quality time. I can't say too much for the movie--wasn't too impressed.
Sunday was sort of depressing in the church sense. I just didn't feel the spiritual pull that I usually do at highland. One reason was that a lot of people that I usually talk to or sit with weren't there. Also Mike wasn't there to preach one of his amazing sermons. In the middle school room I was in the middle of leading my group when the main leader joined the group and just took over the discussion. I knew it had happened when I asked the kids a question and one of the boys said "Oh, I forgot you were here". To top it off I had to work 2-10 at the snowcone stand. I make the day better I came home after work, took a shower, and went straight to bed--it was great.
Now I'm ready to start another fun-filled, jam-packed week! (20 days til Curdit and Lauren's Wedding!)

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Lock Down

Yesterday I got home from class and accidently locked my keys in my car. The act actually happened in slow motion--like in the movies. The keys were in the seat, I closed the door--as the door was swinging I turned around screaming out "NOOOOO!" while jumping through the air trying to shove my arm in the way of the door. Ok so maybe it didn't happen like that but that would have been cool.

Luckily I was at home when it happened and I didn't have to go to work. Unfortunatly I didn't have a spare key made. So I tried 3 options: (1) First I called Hannah to see if Eric had one of those hooks to open doors. She told me only one cop in Abilene has it and she didn't know who it was--forget that idea. (2) I called the dealership to see if maybe they had a key on hand. The guy told me that the parts department might if I could tell them the number on my car. Just my luck I had my window shades up and the shade was covering up half the number. (3) So I had to call the locksmith--pop-a-lock. The guy that came to get me out had the last name Crawford. He kept trying to see if we were related. I wanted to say "dude, there are tons of Crawford's all over the place!"

As soon as I got the keys out I made a mad dash to get 3 copies of the key. My parents each have one and I have one in the house. Hopefully this won't happen again!

Monday, July 12, 2004

Gratitude from an Odd Situation

Alright so this past Saturday night I did something that I've never done before and is completely unlike my personality. But through this event that was fun but weird I got a true lesson in thankfulness.

I was working at the stand from 6-10 Saturday night when I got a call from a number I didn't recognize. It was a guy who knew me but I didn't recognize his voice. He said it was Josh. I became stiff at that moment because I thought it was scary stalker Josh. But it was another Josh who I met at the stand and who would come and visit me quite often some times. We had this joke between us that we called each other "love biscuit"--what the huey? Anyway he is in the air force now in Wichita Falls but comes to visit occassionally. I gave him my number sometime last year. He called to ask if I wanted to go swimming with him and his friends. I figured it was better than sitting at home watching tv. So he and his friend picked my up at 10:30 and made the drive to po-dunk Buffalo Gap.

The house we went to was out in "no-man's land". It was completely dark (which was very good so noone could see how white I am) and you could see all the stars. Well, these friends were some interesting people who were big drinkers and talked about some very scandolous subjects. Josh had me try a coke with some type of alcohol in it but I didn't like it at all. He only drank a few sips of his drink (probably because I was there--he probably drinks a lot more). I wasn't planning on swimming except that the group of people I was around started talking about really inappropriate things so I joined Josh in the pool. I had Josh tell me who was sober and who was drunk. It was very weird for me and eye-opening--I have never been in a situation like that. I also didn't think drunk people and a swimming pool were a good mix--nor were the fireworks that they pulled out later. I mainly hung out with Josh because I really didn't know how to handle everything else happening around me. After swimming for a while (it was really cold) they took me home--and that was the end of a very interesting night.

I tell this story mainly because this event really opened my eyes to the wonderful blessing God has given me. I am so blessed to have the wonderful group of friends that I have--friends who are incredibly creative and lots of fun. I am so pleased that we don't have to use alcohol to have a good time. And after hearing some of the conversations that night, I'm very glad that our group has a level of maturity and tact. For all of my friends reading this, thank you so much for everything you have meant to me and all you have done for me. I praise God for bringing each and everyone of you into my life! I love all of you guys!!!!!


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Friday, July 09, 2004

Laughter the Best Medicine

Last night my mom and I went to dinner and a movie. My mom was extremely excited because the last movie she had seen in theaters was Lord of the Rings back in December (sheesh mom, get a life). We went to see The Stepford Wives at Century theater. Being a Thursday night there were a slim number of others in the audience--may be 8 to 10 other people, which sometimes is a bit nicer. So this movie is absolutely hilarious as it cracks one-liners all over the place. My mom and I are dying laughing but no one else in the theater even cracks a chuckle. My mom and I both tend to have rather loud laughs so it was even worse that no one else would laugh. I wanted to hit these people over the head with a humor stick! Didn't you hear what was said?!?! Oy! I'm just glad I come from a giddy (giddy?) family that thoroughly enjoys the gift of laughter.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

July 4--a Bang and a Half

So another July 4 has come and passed. At first my holiday night seemed like a short jump away from a suicide attempt but actually turned into an absolutly fun time.

The bad thing about having a job at a snow cone stand (well, ONE of the bad things) is you don't get special holidays off. What's even worse is when a majority of your fellow employees go out of town for the special weekend and you have to cover for them. By covering I mean you have to work 12-10 on a Saturday (but it wasn't that bad because I attended an aerobics class before hand that got me pumped up--thanks Katrina!).

At least on Sunday night I was stationed at the stand on Pine where I would be able to see the fireworks. Everything was good, an occassional few people would come--nothing bad. Then 7:45 hit--I didn't get to shut the window til 9:20. By that time I was a mess. I was inches away from shoving my head in the ice machine blades! Luckily at that time Katrina showed up and helped load me up with ice (Katrina, you have no idea how much that helped--thank you!). Luckily after that my boss's sister came to help. Then Stephanie came, and Jane and Jer. Pretty soon there was a party going on in the snow cone stand. We were making jokes/cracking insults at each other as we made snow cones and filled the bottles. We ended up not closing the stand till 11:00 but I really didn't mind because the great time we had. After closing Stephanie and I went to Whataburger to get celebratory food (it was weird being at Whataburger in normal clothes!).

We have decided that the four of us that worked Pine deserve some shirts that say "I Survived July 4, 2004". If I was asked if I would go through this night again I believe I would say a big, fat yes--it was that much fun!

Friday, July 02, 2004

A Celebration Missed

Yesterday a momentous holiday was sadly overlooked and is overlooked year after year. Thursday, July 1st was not only the highly-glorified Canada Day but also the mark of the middle of the year. That's right folks we have lived through 183 days of 2004. Don't you think that deserves some sort of party or at least a firework or two? The Canadians know what's going on--they've got that day marked as their own. Come on America it's time to jump on the gravy train. This nation is always in need of another day to get off work and stuff our faces with all kinds of goodies. But what kind of foods/celebratory items would there be on Middle of the Year Day? Got any ideas--I'd love to hear them. Thus begins the countdown: 182 days left til 2005!