Saturday, September 30, 2006

Stressful Week

This week was very busy and stressful at work. Actually my work wasn't all that stressful but because I had so many things to do each day it caused me a lot of stress. I believe this stress, busyness, and lack of sleep has caused me to contract a bit of a cold. I feel very lousy today as I sit at my work desk. I have to keep telling myself that my weekend is almost here.

This week Anne and I spent two days at Blinn College in Bryan giving a special program to the Texas History classes. I had never given this program or seen it. I have become very use to speaking in front of a group of elementary or middle school aged children but this was different. These were people who were 2-5 years younger than me--not much of an age difference. Monday we had 6 classes to present to. Anne did the first 2 classes to allow me to watch and drink in the information. I gave the next 2 and did a pretty good job. Once I got going I wasn't nervous at all. That day we did not leave campus until 7:00. I was exhausted.

Wednesday was another long and tiring day. We had our program for home school children--again a program I have never given but have seen a couple times. I did the morning session and Judy did the afternoon session. This lasted until about 3:00. I was completely wiped out. But I couldn't relax after work--It was my week to teach the kindergarten class at church. By the end of the evening I was almost delirious.

Then the very next day I had to go to Blinn again to make presentations in 4 more classes. Luckily that day Anne and I ended at 4:00. During the presentations on this day my throat was starting to clog a bit and I had a rather annoying cough. Friday I was able to just sit all day at my desk and catch up on everything I had missed this week. My allergy/cold symptoms became a bit worse that morning. I took some Clariton at lunch and felt a lot better as the afternoon went on. That evening a group of us were going to the Woodlands to hear the Houston Symphony. I almost told Travis I couldn't make it but I felt so much better I was sure I could make it. Well, I slept on the way there. At the concert we sat on blankets on a grassy knoll. Symphonic music has a very relaxing feel and when you are already tired it is not a good combination. I laid down the entire time, listening to the music but also sleeping. I felt so weird afterwards--I was tired, weak, and phlegmy. We ate at Bennigan's after the concert. I ordered potato soup and after eating slept while everyone else finished. Again on the way home I slept. It got to the point that I felt so tired and weird that I wanted to start crying.

This morning I didn't feel the tired weird feeling but I still have some allergy problems. I'm just trying to make it through the work day now.

*Travis has been so wonderful this week (not that he isn't every week). He has been there every night to help me destress and relax. He also has been taking care of me in my sick state. I don't know what I would have done without him.

Road Trip

Last Sunday Travis and I took a little road trip to Conroe. I was super excited about this mainly because I enjoy spending time with him! Our mission that day was to take a couch to his brother, Cody. I met his brother 3 or so weeks ago when he came through College Station. Their old roommate Scott was there too, who I also had met before. But the special guest of the day was going to be Travis's dad who I had not met yet. Was I little nervous about that? Truth be told yes, but after spending an hour or so with Travis, Cody, and Scott the nervousness went away. I probably was a little quieter than usual when his dad came--I think I was trying to give a good first impression. I'm just not use to the cold turkey meeting the parents. But it went very well and I like his dad alot! I really enjoyed watching the interaction between Travis, Cody and their dad. I come from a family of girls and don't experience male bonding much. The Bodeker men are a wonderful bunch and I look forward to getting to know them better!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Once again I have slacked off from my blog. So here are some updates:


I worked and helped with a small teacher workshop. That evening wonderful Travis cooked chicken alfredo--it was so good. I seriously think I could have eaten all of it by myself. After eating we watched the intense A&M vs. Army game. During the last 4 minutes of the last quarter my entire body was completely tensed up. I didn't watch the last 19 seconds because I was so nervous. But we won--yeah!


We had an interesting time at church Sunday. Right at the end of class the electricity in the entire building went out. Everyone made there way to the auditorium. Our preacher was yelling as loud as possible (no microphones) the instructions for the morning: sing a few songs, take communion, and leave. Of course that day I wore a longer sleeved shirt because it is usually cold.


I had to go to the dentist. It's been way too long. One of the new things they had (or new since I've been to the dentist) was a small camera that took pictures of my teeth and then projected them on a tv screen. Truth be told I could have lived a happy life without seeing my teeth. Apparently part of my filling has come out and I have to get it replaced next week--not looking forward to that.


We had a reception for a group of Chinese people--I think they might have been professors. The reception was from 4-6 and we had to stay the whole time. We ended up leaving the museum at 6:30 which meant I got home close to 7:00. I then changed, ate a little something and headed off to my girl's bible study.
Fun Story: Travis picked my up for bible study (he attends men's bible study). Our study finished before the guys-way before. Our GAP class was meeting for coffee at 9:00. So instead of waiting I wrote a fun little note and left it on Travis's truck (my purse was held captive inside the vehicle along with my phone). I then rode with Amanda Scott to coffee. Travis showed up 5 or so minutes later. He enjoyed the note--you know you liked it, Travis!

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Yesterday from 3:30 to closing I sat at the front desk with Virgie and Leigh Ellen. Leigh Ellen is one of the 3 interns we have this semester who are helping label artifacts found at San Felipe. While doing their main task they will also learn about the other areas of the museum. This week it was the front desk. While talking with her, Houston came out asking for the big Texas map. He told me that we had to find an alternate route to get back to College Station. Our usual route is to go down Highway 6. Apparently earlier that afternoon there had been a major accident involving 3 semi-trucks and 3-4 cars. I believe on the news they reported there were 5 deaths. The traffic on 6 was at a complete standstill. Accidents are quite common on this highway so we have a back country road we take that bipasses the highway 6 problems. Well, it just so happened that on this road there was a train derailment. We ended up having to go up to Anderson and catch highway 30 back to town. This added an extra 30 minutes to our route...which is better than an extra hour and a half.

Friday, September 15, 2006


I don't really feel like writing a paragraph form blog today. So enjoy the bullets of random stuff!

* Heard on the news today that cases of e coli have been linked to bagged spinach leaves. I immediately threw mine out. (Not that I have eaten any in awhile)

* This morning I woke up 20 minutes early with unbelievable stomach cramps. It was a little unnerving when I saw that was one of the symptoms of e coli. But my pains stopped quickly after my Malox kicked in.

* It's possible those stomach pains came from eating lots of sugary items for dinner. We had a knit out with finger foods. Well the majority of the foods were cookies and cakes.

* I'm so excited about Hey Day tonight! Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and drive-in movie: The Sandlot. What more could you want?

* I am also getting excited about ACU Homecoming and seeing lots of my old college friends...even though it is still a month away.

* Saw Matthew Perry on the Today Show. I think he has recently been added to my favorite celebs list. He seems so nice and funny. I really want to watch his new tv show.

* Travis is so wonderful! Almost every day I receive a text message or an email from him which makes my day! He is so sweet and considerate. But he also can crank out the sass (which I enjoy) and I can crank it right back at him. We really have a lot of fun together. I'm very happy!


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Close Call

Sometimes on my 30 minute drive home from work I talk with my mom on my cell phone. On some weeks this is my best opportunity to talk with her because my evenings tend to get jam packed with stuff. There is a part of the highway that is under construction and traffic is directed off the highway onto the feeder road. While on this road the speed limit is 55. While talking with my mom I didn't really take in my surroundings. I was on the 55 mph road when I happened to look in my rearview mirror and see a highway patrolman on my bumper. I then looked down to see that I was going 65. I told my mom, in a frantic hurry, that I had to get off. So I quickly slow down and try to look as innocent as possibly. When I moved over for the patrolman to pass I realize it wasn't just one patrol car but 4 behind me!!! It looked like they were on a mission to get somewhere...otherwise I'm pretty sure they would have pulled me over. Once they passed I called my mom back and told her what happened. She laughed and was very glad I wasn't in a car accident. As I talked with her for the second time I exited the highway into College Station. As I neared the red light I suddenly was behind the same 4 patrolmen. So, out of fear, I told my mom I would call her tomorrow. Sheesh!

I am in lament today for Kayne who was sadly kicked off Project Runway last night. A moment of silence in reverence...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More Adult Experiences

(This is my 200th post--whoop!)

Yesterday I experienced something new as an on-my-own adult. I had my first doctor's appointment that I set up and I paid for. My contacts were on their last legs--and I had stretched their use way beyond what it should be. So it was time to bite the bullet and see the eye doctor. The first problem was who do I go to? The secretary at work mentioned a place so I called Monday morningish. I expected to have to schedule a time later in the week but the lady said they could see me at 11:30. I was amazed at how much it cost just for a routine checkup--even with insurance! And I go back next Tuesday to get my contacts--I have no idea how much that will be. And next week I have a dentist appointment. It never ends.

Tonight: Girl's Bible Study (super excited!)
Wednesday: Teach my little kindergarteners about the Plagues (also Project Runway)
Thursday: Knit Out (going up to church to spend time knitting with other ladies)
Friday: Hey Day with the GAP class (dinner and drive-in movie)
Saturday: rest?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Pellet Guns, Bites, and Blood

Last night I went over to Travis's after church. We ate sandwhiches for dinner and then he read Plato's Republic for his class while I read The Screwtape Letters. It was calm and serene but that was going to change...

We heard Tong and Leigh from the other room and went to see what was happening. In the comotion I noticed Travis grabbing the pellet gun and getting ready to shoot Leight. Well, of course I had to protect her so while he still had the gun down, pointed at his leg, I pulled the trigger. He was so shocked that I had shot him. As I was leaving the room, I soon felt this quick, sharp pain on my backside. He shot me in the butt! The craziness died down and we went back to reading.

Then we heard Leigh yelling for help. When I heard her I said I would come help but someone decided to keep that from happening. Travis threw me over his shoulder and started to take me out to the living room (on the way down the hall he happened to hit my head on the wall). Tong was trying to keep Leigh pinned down on the couch. To keep me from helping Travis did the same with me. It's not fair that boys are stronger than girls. I fought as hard as I could but he kept tickling. He finally got me by sitting on my legs and holding my arms in a crossed position. I was stuck.

Things got even more fun when Leigh and I started to play dirty. It started when Leigh bit Tong really hard--she left teeth marks! So Travis got some ice for the injury and kept a piece for himself. He then put the ice down my pant leg and it traveled quite a ways up my leg. I got it out and was trying my hardest to get it down his shirt but he is just to strong! So I got creative. I started coughing in a way that it sounded like I was choking and he immediatly had me stand up. I was free and quickly stuck the ice down his shirt. But apparently when my hand went to put the ice down I accidently hit him in the the face causing him to bite the inside of his lip, drawing some blood.

What a great night!

The Game

The game Saturday was incredibly amazing! I have never been to a football game like that before. Our tickets were in the zone, which is the section that is on the north side of the field, and we were on the 3rd deck--the highest one! Thankfully the section we sat in was for Alumni which meant we got to sit during the game whereas the students stand for the whole time. With all the walking and climbing stairs that we did my calves have been very tight for the past 2 days--but the pain is worth it!

Friday, September 08, 2006

By Myself

Yesterday afternoon I received an IM message from Travis telling me he was packing up for Dallas. His job requires him to travel to other hospitals and take notes on their program. I have to admit I was a little sad when he said he wouldn't be here. I spent the evening going to stores I hadn't been to in awhile--just trying to pass the time. I then drove to the 9:00 devo the AFC has on campus. Travis usually drives and I guess I have never noticed how he goes because once I reached campus I had no idea how to get to the parking garage...or how to get to the Academic building from the garage. So I had to call him and get directions. And then I found out I was one building away from the garage--grrr! But he comes back today...yeah!

I talked with my sister, Traci, last night and found out that Monday evening around 11:30 she had to take a trip to the emergency room. She was working on a book cover for a contest at the fair. She was using an exacto knife and somehow sliced her leg. From the way she was talking, it sounded like there was a lot of blood. I'm so glad I wasn't there--I don't do well in those situations. She had to get some stitches and as of last night her foot was swelling a little.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Game Time

Yesterday afternoon at work I just happened to glance at my cell phone to see if anyone had called. Usually at my desk I don't receive service but there was a text message waiting for me. The message, from Travis, read "What would you say if I told you I had tickets to the next game?" My reply back was "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Apparently he wasn't sure what that meant: his next text said "Is that a yes?" The whole rest of the day I was so excited! So before Saturday I need to learn the yells and get me a maroon shirt!

I'm so excited--I'm going to an A&M football game!!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Super Good!

This weekend went wonderfully! I was so nervous about Travis meeting my parents but everything was great. I had him come over to my apartment at 6:45 so we could head to dinner. At 6:40 I positioned myself in front of my door, looking out the peephole. I wanted to go meet him outside and walk with him so he didn't have to come in alone. He was perfectly fine about the whole thing. We went to eat at Cheddars and he told stories about A&M and my parents and sisters told stories about me (thankfully not anything bad). After dinner we went back to my apartment and talked for awhile.

Sunday my family came to the GAP (Graduates and Young Professionals) class. Travis was teaching and I was afraid my family would make him nervous but he said it was fine for them to come. He has taught our class twice before but I have always been out of town. So this was my first time to hear him and he did an absolutely wonderful job!

We all went to Sunday lunch at On the Border. Then that evening after church we all went to Freebirds. On Sunday anytime we drove anywhere my sisters jumped in the back seat of Travis's truck. He introduced them to some Weird Al Yankovich songs which they loved. Automatically he started joking and bantering them which is exactly what they like.

He told me he really enjoyed meeting my family and liked them. And in return my family really liked him. My mom was the only one to voice the acceptance (at dinner on Saturday Travis went to the bathroom and my mom said "I like him")but I could tell from the other family members' actions that they approved.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Great Surprise!

My Saturday work day started out as they usually do. This morning I was immersed in a new project--I have been asked to create a program for Boy Scouts to earn their Texas Badge. As it got close to lunch time, Ketra, who works the front desk, came in to tell me someone upstairs needed help. My first thought was someone was hurt, but she said someone had a question about something in a case. (I have mixed feelings when this happens because often times I don't know the answer to their question and I feel bad). So I made my way up the ramp. When I got to the top I didn't see any one up there. I heard someone in the boat and was about to walk over there when someone else came from behind one of the exhibits. It was Travis! He brought a picnic lunch for us and then got Ketra to help him surprise me. It was the best! Over the past 2 weeks he has been figuring out what I like so he would know what to bring. He made me a plain chicken sandwhich on wheat bread with Chex Mix, grapes, and oatmeal cookies. He has definatly earned many points for this!!

Tonight he is eating dinner with my family--exciting!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday Stuff

So the girl who use to have my job got married in November and moved to California. Her mother works the front desk part time so we get to hear all that is going on with her. We were some of the first to find out she was pregnant and due in October. Yesterday we received an email that she had been admitted to the hospital, 6 weeks early. The baby boy was born healthy at 5 pounds 3 ounces.

The women in the office began telling stories of their pregnancies (the one male at the museum was gone for the day). After hearing those stories I am perfectly fine with not having children for quite awhile.

Last night we had our first 9:00 devo on campus. I've really missed these over the summer. As we were walking to the devo, Travis and I walked past Kyle Field. We saw all the lights lit up and the big screen on, getting ready for the game tomorrow. I HAVE to go to a game sometime this semester!