Monday, July 31, 2006

Video Killed the Radio Star

So my 115 group ended up only being 80. And they were 45 minutes late so I only had to do one tour with about 40 of them. After the tour I was very glad I only had to do it once. Because we were understaffed today it wasn't a normal tour and it got a little crazy at times. The first thing I did with the kids was have them watch our movie. When the movie was over I asked the kids what they had learned. These kids amazed me! They remembered some of the most random facts. One kid was almost quoting what was said!

I found out that tomorrow I am recording a spot for a local radio station! This weekend we are letting teachers in free to all of the sites. My boss usually does the radio advertisements but she is out this week. So it is up to me--whoo hoo! I'm writing out my script so I don't fumble over my words...or completely freeze up.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Very Random Tidbits

I don't enjoy too many reality tv shows just because there are so many out there. But I have watched a couple episodes of Project Runway and I admit that I really like it. Drama and pretty clothes what more could you want?

At the museum we receive Texas Highways magazine. While flipping through the new August edition I came to a section about colleges in Texas. And which college was pictured on the front page...ACU! It is a classic pic of the globe in the Bible Building. Even though we are small we still can rank up there with Rice, Tech, A&M, and UT.

Monday I am giving a tour to 115 kids by myself! Almost everyone else is on vacation next week. So we will see how it goes--I already have a plan of action.

Friday my mom, grandmother, sisters and I went to see my grandmother's soon to be apartment. She is moving from Desoto to the Sears Methodist Center in Abilene. While looking at the apartment Jennifer, Traci, and I hid in the closet waiting for my mom and grandmother to walk in. When they finally opened the closet there we were in the See No, Hear No, Speak No Evil positions. I love my sisters!

On my drive home yesterday I wanted a diet coke with lime to keep me going (that is my caffienated drink of choice). I stopped at two different conveinent stores and they didn't have it--not even a diet pepsi with lime. So I relented to get a diet black cherry with a kiss of vanilla coke (what a name). I was reluctant because of a previous experience with this beverage *See blog Saturday, January 7, 2006* But this drink was an enjoyable experience :)

Friday before I left for my Abilene vacation Travis came over to teach me how to cook. I had a weird headache all day at work and it was still affecting me. So instead he let me lie on the couch and listen to Nat King Cole (perfect choice) while he cooked some very good food! And for favorite ice cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

Friday, July 28, 2006

A Good End to the Vacation

Thursday was jam-packed with all kinds of fun activities! I started off at Subway to eat and converse with my dad and grandmother. And while there I saw many employees of ACU which it is very hard to avoid that when taking in lunch at a restaurant on Judge Ely. After lunch I zoomed over to Frontier Texas. I have never been to see the new museum and my boss gave me some "homework". He wanted me to check it out and get some new multi media ideas for our museum. It was a very well done facility.

After Frontier Texas I met Lauren at her soon to be new house (aka Mark and Katrina's old house). We scrubbed and vacuumed the house for about 2 hours. It was great--we were dirty and sweaty and we accomplished alot!

I then went home to relax for a bit before the next event. At 7:00 the group met at Sonic for some highly needed sand volleyball. There was hot sand, crazy dives, uncontrolled serves that took out fellow team members--it was great! After the game Brooke, Kendra, Brandon, James, Julie, Bret and I sat around talking. I'm not sure how it came about but we got in this "argument" that lasted around 20 minutes. We argued about on Home Improvement was Wilson their backyard neighbor or their side neighbor. I was part of the group that said he was the side neighbor aka the right answer. It got so bad that we started making a diagram of the house with a cell phone and cup lid! I loved it!

My Abilene vacation draws to an end and I had a wonderful time! But it's time to get back to the College Station life which I love just as much as the Abilene one.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Abilene Trip

To all of my avid blog fans, my apologizes for my lack of blogs. I started another week vacation on Saturday. So I am in Abilene until Friday hanging with the fam and catching up with the Sigma Pi Phi gang. Sunday afternoon we had a girls swim time which was very enjoyable and I enjoyed catching up on all the going ons. Sunday evening I joined a group at Brooke and Phyllis's house (which is fantastic--great work girs!) for a little Catch Phrase and Mafia action.

Tuesday my sisters and I went to Six Flags. It was enjoyable but I think we have lost a little of our edge--we left the park at around 7:30 completely tuckered out. Typically we are there from 10-10. I guess we are getting old.

Tonight a group of us are eating at the new Alfredo's (yum) and getting dessert at Third Rock! And tomorrow we are all over the sand volleyball court! Yeah for trips to Abilene!

P.S. Julie--I saw your brother Daniel at Six Flags! I would have said Hi but I've never met him before and I didn't want to scare him.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Date Update

So here is the update on how the date went Saturday:

Travis picked me up at 7:30 (in his truck that he washed and vacuumed--awe). He asked where I would like to eat and I was definatly feeling the Pei Wei craving. After dinner we went back to his apartment--we had to wait till it was dark for the next place. At his apartment he showed me some pictures from college--mainly his time in the Corp.

Once it was dark Travis took me to this, I guess it was a park, in Bryan. In the park was this trail with trees all around (I loved it). Travis brought a flashlight and he held out his arm for me to take (it was just like in an old movie). While on the trail we saw a deer running in the distance--I was very excited--I haven't seen a real deer in the wild. We also walked through 3 spider webs--but that was fun too!

We then went back to his apartment and watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Then Sunday we spent pretty much all day together. After church we watched King Kong at my apartment. By the end it was time to go back to church. After evening church Travis, Teresa, Carol, and I went to play soccer with the AFC group. After soccer (and a much needed shower) Travis came over and we watched one of my movies Connie and Carla--he loved it!

So it has been a very good weekend!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Day Off #3 (I have a date!)

Today was pretty boring during the day. I'm really getting bored of staying home from work. I stayed around the house all day working out, cleaning, watching tv, and knitting.

That evening we had AFC class at the church. We spent time in small groups praying and then alone time praying. On the way back to the room I walked with Travis and we talked about our days. He mentioned he played some disc golf and I mentioned I would like to try it. He mentioned Saturday but then remembered I work. I said that the evening I was free so he said we would talk about it after class.

So after class he asked if Saturday I would like to go to dinner and then some other activity. I of course said yes. He then said "Ok, just to clarify I asked you out on a date and you said yes?" That's one thing I enjoyed--he went right out there and took initiative and asked. Kudos to him! And I've only known him 2 weeks but I feel comfortable with him. Typically when I go on dates I'm so nervous and on my guard. So I am looking forward to Saturday!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Day Off #2

Tuesday was not as eventful as Monday. I pretty much lazed around and then went to the mall just to waste some time (and to look at the puppies at the pet store). That evening we had an AFC Ladies Night at Gatti Town--just like Mr. Gatti's in Abilene although they didn't have cinnamon rolls. It was good to hang out and meet some of the other girls in the class. This morning it was very, very hard to get up. When you stay up till 12:00/1:00 for the past few nights it is really hard to drag yourself out of bed at 7:00. That is when the Sonic drink comes in handy :)

When I went to see Pirates Saturday one of the commercials beforehand was for Fanta. I still am singing that stupid song 4 days later. Wannna Fanta. Don'tcha wanna Fanta. Oy.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Day Off #1

I have quite a few vacation days that I have to use up at work, so the next two weeks I am taking random days off. This week I have Monday, Tuesday and Thursday off.

Yesterday I woke up late (favorite part of days off). At 11:30 I got a call from my friend Stephanie. She worked with Robin and I at the snow cone stand. She is now doing grad work at Sam Houston in Huntsville and taking part in an internship at the College Station police department. So we went to her brother's restaurant in downtown Bryan. It was some of the best chicken salad and pasta salad I've ever had.

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing laundry and running up to the church to pick up some money (I'm in charge of getting the snack this week for the AFC class). I had my bible study that evening. I enjoy this study it's just hard to get a word in sometimes. There are 3 girls who like to talk and when I do have something to say I have to fight to get in there.

After the study Travis picked me up and we went for hot chocolate at Sweet Eugene's. We then went to Hastings to rent a movie...we ended up picking The Grudge. I have never seen this movie but when it first came out I went to the website and it scared me so much! I am now scared of little asian boys. Because it was about midnight and I live bymyself, we went for a walk to get rid of the scary images.

Thankfully I did not have any nightmares. Day off #1 was really good!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pirates O and A&M

The AFC (Aggies for Christ) planned to see Pirates of the Caribbean on Friday night but a smaller group of us--3 of us--decided to go Saturday night. Unfortunately Teresa couldn't make it so I was met by Travis, a guy I met just a week ago. It was really fun and what a great movie! Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp you can't go wrong.

Today at church I saw a familiar face sitting in service. Anslie Craig, who I know from Highland, and her husband have moved to College Station. Her husband is there for veternary training. And her baby is due in August--how exciting!

After church Travis, Teresa, Colby, Natalie, and I went to Fazoli's for lunch. We got a lot of stories about the Corp at A&M from Travis and hilarious stories from both Colby and Travis about their time in Russia. After lunch Travis took me on a walking tour of A&M. He told me what each building was and the many stories/traditions of the campus. It was also fun when the random rain storm came through--we quickly found cover at one of the many buildings. My favorite places were Kyle Field (I have to go to a game), the Century Tree, and the chapel. It was a really fun afternoon.

I'm off the next two days (trying to use up my vacation days) and I already have things lined up:
Monday--Bible Study, coffee with Travis
Tuesday--AFC Girls' night at Mr. Gattis!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Tours don't go as planned

Yesterday Anne and I had a day of stressful tours. First of all summer tours are different from our school tours. Most of the summer tours are kids of all ages who are out at the park for a fun trip not for education.

I knew the first group was going to be tricky because the person in charge had a very thick hispanic accent and didn't fully understand everything I told him. My favorite conversation with him was earlier that morning:

Him: "Hello, I have a reservation with you today. I am coming from Houston. Where do I turn?"

Me: "Well, where excatly are you?"

The majority of the kids in this group did not speak English so we had to translate everything that was said. Manily we let the big kids watch our movies and the small kids play in the Discovery Room.

We were looking forward to the next group--the plan was to show the movie and then let them play in the Discovery Room. An hour before the group was schedule to come we had a power surge which knocked out half of our elecricity...including the movie. Scratch that idea. So we ended up giving the kids our normal school tour which worked well. I haven't given that tour since the end of May so I quickly had to remember what all I say.

Thankfully I am off today!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Meeting

This weekend was very wonderful, full of fun with friends, family and co-workers. I saw two movies this weekend--The Lake House and The Devil Wears Prada. I highly recommend both!

Today I had my first meeting about tours. Houston and Anne (who work with me at the museum) were in the meeting along with representatives from the different sites in the park. The subject of the meeting--tours. Pretty much how scheduling is being done and ways to change it. According to Anne these same problems come up every year and not much gets resolved. The main problems are that the other people don't understand completely how I schedule the tours. Also, through some of their comments, it appears they don't care about serving the teachers. It doesn't matter what the teachers want as long as they get to give the group a quality tour and have all of their alotted time. Needless, to say I was a little frustrated by the end of the meeting.

I officially have knitted 2 dish cloths and am starting on my baby's blanket which will be donated to Hope Pregnancy (an organization for unwedd pregnant women).

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Crazy Weekend

My weekend is jam-packed with all kinds of fun activities. Yesterday I took the morning off from work because I had a chair that was being delievered to my apartement (by the way it looks really great). But while I was off I took the time to clean my apartment because I wouldn't have anytime to until Wednesday--and it desperatly needed it.

Last night right after work I went and helped my friends Amanda Scott (fellow ACU grad) and Mandy move houses. It was so much fun! 4 girls, Amanda's dad, and Travis, a guy from the Aggie class, moved a whole house in 3 hours! The last load of stuff was really fun because the house's electricity had been turned off so we had to find all the darkly shaped items.

Tonight after work I'm going out with some girls for an extended birthday celebration. We are eating at Freebirds (no complaints on that) and then going to see The Lake House. After the movie some of us are going to see Mandy at the skating place where she works. They are having a lock-in from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. She said we could come in for free and go skating. I absoultely love roller skating and miss the days in college when we would all go the the skating rink with all the little kids.

Sunday afternoon my mom and sisters are coming to visit me until Wednesday! (Another reason the apartment needs to be clean). Tuesday the state park where I work is having a big 4th of July celebration with free ice cream and coke, food vendors, and other fun stuff. Then at 9:00 there will be a fireworks display. The special people (employees of the museum, their family and Blinn employees) get to sit on the observation deck of the museum to watch. I'm really excited to see what all goes on.

Museum Mayheims!

I love working at the museum because you see a large variety of people and their different behaviors. On Thursday this family came in while I was watching the front desk. There were 2 moms with 5 kids between them, one set of grandparents, and another grandmother. When I saw all the kids I figured there might be some problems with them talking loudly or running which are normal things for kids to do. But the problem was actually with one of the mothers. At one point she was on the upper part of the ramp (which goes upstairs) and she was yelling to her son who was in the back room of the first floor. I was utterly amazed! I couldn't believe someone would do that in a museum!

Friday a group of 13 kids, their 3 mothers, and a grandmother came to the museum. The front desk worker came and informed me that a man had a complaint about the group. They all had gone into the theater to watch out 20 minute movie and while the movie was on, some of the younger kids were running back and forth on the stage. Apparently the moms were sitting there letting the kids do whatever. Anne and I put our official museum nametags on and went out to supervise. All of the adults were looking at the exhibits while the kids were doing whatever they wanted around the museum! At one point the little 2 yrs. old boy started walking up the ramp by himself. When the front desk worker told the mom her response was, "Oh he won't go too far up"! Sheesh.

Maybe we should have some etiquette class to reteach people how to act in certain places.